Sommelier Jobs

A wine waiter in simple terms, a sommelier has to be a person of taste and immense knowledge. They often have to deal with high end clients, with exquisite preferences, and must therefore know about all details of different availabilities the restaurant or bar. This extends to knowledge around individual specialities. It is even argued that a sommelier’s role is strategically on a par with that of the chef de cuisine.

A sommelier has to know how to take orders, place requests and deliver to the customers with ease. It is often a job that encourages learning by experience and practical handling of situations on the floor. With the culture of fine dining booming again in the UK, this is a role that is much needed. Considering the specific expertise required, and that sommelier vacancies highly sought after, there is less competition for sommelier jobs. Sommelier jobs are ideal for those with an aptitude for permutations and combinations. These are specialised jobs which one has to generally train for. Since it is a job that requires expertise, and has an increasing need, a trained professional might get placed easily.

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