Night Manager

As evident from a name, a hotel night manager overlooks the functionality of a hotel during a night shift. The job and responsibilities of a night manager are same as that of a hotel manager, just that the former has to work perfectly in sync with the latter. Night manager jobs require one to handle everything from operations, to checking inventories and managing the staff. Over the course of the night, they require a candidate who is attentive and willing to programme themselves according the duty-clock. They also have to take care of customers. Hotel night manager jobs are generally well paid since they are mostly available in hotels that are big such as large chains offering check-ins 24 hours. The jobs are scarce in the restaurant sector since there are fewer restaurants who work round the clock.

A job like this is ideal for people looking to work in shifts and have another day job to take care of. Night managers need to be as proficient as front desk executives and are generally reserved for people with education in hospitality. One can also, however, start by assisting managers and developing up to the position. It requires healthy habits and an immunity that helps one function properly against the clock. But most of all, hotel night manager jobs require one to be able to handle customers and have an aptitude for smoothly dealing with people.

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