Marketing Manager

Marketing manager jobs, widely spread across the area, usually entail the branding, positioning, publicity and advertising of a product or service. A marketing manager can either work in a marketing agency, that handles various products or brands at once, or be singly associated with one particular product or company.  Marketing is an ideal mix of creativity and strategy and the process of communication differs from product to product.

Marketing managers are important aspects of any business and are often required to have a degree, to be appointed as one. A manager, like the term suggests, overlooks all aspects of the marketing mix. This includes handling marketing executives, planning the market strategy of the product, ensuring that the strategy is properly communicated through all brand messages, packaging and other mediums of communication. The accounts, paperwork and research required for each individual role automatically falls into their remit. Their chief responsibility is to bridge the gap between the consumers and the product. Individuals with outgoing, amiable, salesperson-like personalities are best fits for such this role that requires a deep understanding of the product and brand.




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