Marketing Executive

Marketing executive jobs are vacancies in a marketing department, related with developing marketing campaigns to promote a service, product, event or campaign. Marketing executives can be employed to overlook the branding and execution of their product. They are generally the ones directly dealing with the client servicing executives of an agency, and are the ones required to be an integral part of the creative and communication process.

Senior marketing executive jobs are harder to secure than the junior ones, since the former have more responsibility and require hands on experience with brands and campaigns. The more successful a campaign on which a marketing executive has worked on, the better their chances of landing at a senior position. These jobs are perfect if you thrive under pressure and require individuals who are equipped and prepared to deal with a range of different tasks. The root of all marketing executive jobs, however, remain at understanding and fostering solid customer relationships and creating a base that aligns a brand with its consumers.

Marketing vacancies are spread widely across agencies, brands and companies across the city and for more information about marketing executive jobs you can contact The Change Group, hospitality recruitment agency, on 02079236021




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