Marketing Assistant

Operating mostly at a junior level, marketing assistant jobs are for those at the start of their career who foresee progression in the field of marketing. Such a position often hires people fresh out of university, who may or may not have prior experience, but have a zeal for working in the industry. These positions are a good stepping stone for junior staff to kick start their professional growth. Most marketing assistants are expected to cover fundamental jobs at the beginning, including market research, consumer behaviour analysis, and other aspects of data analysis. The ones who enter the profession therefore have to strive for success and focus on building a good foundation first.

It is also important for applicants to know that although junior marketing assistant is a beginner’s position, it is mostly a vacancy that requires a relevant educational qualification. For example, either a relevant degree or a diploma. Marketing assistants at times also get to assist in marketing campaigns and may have to sometimes adhere to fieldwork and other dissipated responsibilities related to the campaign.

Marketing assistant vacancies are spread widely across agencies, brands and companies and for more information about such vacancies you can contact The Change Group, hospitality recruitment agency, on 02079236021




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