Kitchen Porter

Ranging from managing inventories and unloading trunks to keeping the kitchen up and running, a kitchen Porter is a helping hand you have at a restaurant or hotel. Responsible for the solid base on a which a kitchen runs, kitchen porter jobs require physical fitness and a mental calm to be able to handle a massive volume of work, almost everyday. The bigger the hotel or restaurant one has applied to, the greater the work load is expected to be. Kitchen Porter vacancies are spread all across London as this is a role many organisations are looking to fill.

With an edge to fill into any department as and when required, this is a good space to start for those whose culinary knowledge still needs brushing up. Helping in a kitchen and rotationally working in different aspects, helps one learn new things every day. This is an added advantage indeed if you are completely new in the industry and have no clue how a restaurant or hotel kitchen functions.

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