Head of Marketing

Head of marketing jobs are meant for individuals who have been working in marketing for many years and now feel equipped enough to promote themselves to the decision-making chain of the department. Such positions are mostly open for applicants who have considerable work experience and the beaming passion required to prosper in the field. A variety of brands or products that one has handled is generally what contributes to the foundation required for such a post. It is important for one to understand the responsibilities associated with the role before taking it up.

The branches one has to excel in are the same as the ones in any other level of marketing, including creative mastery, an analytical mind-set, and managerial skills. Head of marketing roles additionally call for one to be well-versed with the product or service they are dealing with, and an understanding of other aspects associated with the same including the brand positioning and pricing, the sales plan and the consumer base the product is targeting at.

Marketing vacancies are spread widely across agencies, brands and companies across the city and for more information about head of marketing vacancies you can contact The Change Group, hospitality recruitment agency, on 02079236021.




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