Chef Patron

Translated figuratively to mean a manager in a hotel, restaurant or bar, a Chef Patron is an interesting position to apply for those who love the hospitality industry but don’t necessarily want to restrict themselves to the culinary section. This involves taking good care of the customers and their needs and managing everything from the ambience and food to the delivery of the order.

As a senior level position, a lot of hotels and restaurants in London have ample Chef Patron jobs available, seeking individuals who will treat the restaurant and work in it as if it is their own. The key skill sets involve handling pressure situations, managing staff well and dwelling onto needs like handling the hotel or bar well. The applicant may or may not be required to handle accounts and manage expenses, depending from organization to organization. The bigger or more famous a restaurant, the more the responsibility of its patron. More often than not it is the latter and the expertise of the Chef Patron decides how popular or well known a restaurant becomes.

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