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Change is a boutique Hospitality Recruitment agency and although we specialise in a number of areas within the industry, chef recruitment is by far our biggest division. Over the past 10 years we’ve had the privilege of recruiting chefs for some of the most well-known restaurants, hotel groups and catering companies covering roles ranging from head chef jobs to pastry chef jobs.

What chef recruitment do we cover?
We understand that every business is different and that no two chef recruitment requirements are the same. We cover the following chef recruitment for our clients meaning that a wealth of chef jobs are available in these areas:

Michelin Star Chef Recruitment
Chef recruitment for Michelin Star restaurants is very specific and we appreciate that it requires a certain type of candidate. We like to get to the root of what makes the restaurant special and unique and source chefs who not only mirror this vision, but also want to develop their gastronomic techniques and learn from a Michelin Star Head Chef. We only work with people who are really passionate about food and know the value to their career of landing a Michelin Star Chef job.

Rosette Chef Recruitment
Handling chef recruitment for Rosette restaurants is very similar to Michelin Star restaurants but the main differentiator and biggest selling point to chefs is the hours. We like to recruit chefs who have a real respect for food and are perhaps looking for a stepping stone into Michelin Star restaurants. Rosette Chef jobs require candidates who are very disciplined and meticulous.

Branded Restaurant Chef Recruitment
We work alongside some amazing branded restaurants, most of which are constantly looking to expand in size and sites. When proving chef recruitment services to these types of establishments, we focus heavily on finding candidates who want to work in a structure kitchen, following precise recipes to ensure consistency and someone who wants to grow within the company. A main selling point for this type of chef recruitment is the opportunity to move within sites and gain invaluable in-house training.

4 Star & 5 Star Hotel Chef Recruitment
The perfect candidate when handling chef recruitment for 4 and 5 Star Hotels is someone who enjoys a hierarchical structure, is looking to benefit from in-house training programmes and someone who is keen to explore the option of moving to different sites. Chef recruitment within this space often leads to chefs staying with one hotel group for several years as there is lots of opportunity to move up the ranks in the long run.

Gastro Pub Chef Recruitment
Gastro pub recruitment often requires a chef that is looking for a slightly more ‘rough and ready’ opportunity. Chef’s in this space needs to be independent and are often up-and-coming and looking for their next big break.

Event Company Chef Recruitment
Chef recruitment for events companies is varied as some organisations may be looking to hire canapé chefs, while some may be looking for other roles such as banqueting chefs, events chefs, chef de parties or sous chefs who can come and get stuck in. Chef recruitment for events companies requires flexibility as it can be seasonal and have varied working hours and locations. However, the benefits to chefs when recruiting for this space is the overtime pay they receive and the fact that they are able to learn a lot on the job due to the constant changes.

Contract Catering Chef Recruitment
We handle chef recruitment for a wide variety of contract catering and events companies. This can vary from professional catering companies to large sporting grounds or events spaces that require chefs to work in their hospitality kitchens and VIP lounges. This type of chef recruitment requires chefs who are flexible on working location, hours and the type of work they are doing.

For more information about chef recruitment or if you’re looking for your next role, contact Change to discuss your requirements. We cover temporary chef recruitment and permanent chef recruitment across all levels of seniority including executive chef jobs. At Change, we are experts in luxury support and hospitality recruitment. Get in touch with us today to understand how we differ from your conventional recruitment agency and challenge conformist recruitment methods everyday.




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