Chef De Rang

A pivotal role in customer service, chef de rang is a term generally used for the waiter who presides over a particular section in a restaurant. A French term, ‘rang’ translates into a section. One could mistake chef de rang to be a position in the kitchen and that of a chef, but this is a phrase used to refer to a waiter in charge of a certain number of tables in a restaurant. It is a front of house role that requires the candidate to communicate effortlessly with all customers and make them feel welcome at an establishment. The chef de rang must have in-depth knowledge about the food and other offerings made by the restaurant.

Chef de rang jobs involve the handling of multiple requirements at once and one must therefore have good managerial skills along with sharp memory to remember each client’s requirement. To stand as an ideal candidate for the role, one must have great interpersonal skills and a patient attitude. After gaining enough experience as a chef de rang, one can move unto the position of head waiter which is often a common career path. Alternatively, in bigger organisations one could even advance to middle-level management.

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