Bar Jobs

We’re lucky to be situated closely to some of the finest bars in the world ranging from high-end concept bars which specialise in a particular drink from gin to wine as well as your more conventional drinking hole. With so many amazing establishments, it’s no wonder there are thousands of bar jobs available. As a result, we’re always on the lookout for top quality talent to fill bar job vacancies. Are you looking for your next opportunity?

What bar jobs are being recruited?
Of course there are all the conventional bar jobs one would imagine, from bar staff such as bartenders through to waiting jobs and hostess jobs. However there are also a number of more senior bar jobs available such as bar manager jobs, general manager jobs and operations manager jobs. In many cases we have seen candidates start as lower level bar staff and work their way into management positions as there is so much opportunity for growth.

Why are bar jobs a great career choice?
For those looking for a starting block for their career, perhaps while studying, jobs as bar staff can help to add work experience to your CV while also offering flexible working hours. Many bars will experience their busiest periods during the evening, meaning your days are free to attend classes or pursue other goals. We have also heard from many of our candidates working in bar jobs that they often get to meet some very influential people, some of which have been able to help elevate their careers further.

For others, they are passionate about the hospitality industry, love working with people and learning about different drinks and food concepts. In this instance bar manager jobs are a great career path to pursue as they offer a 360 degree exposure to what running and operating a bar is all about. From handing the bar recruitment to running the everyday stock control to ensuring customers are satisfied, bar manager jobs are hard work but do offer extremely rewarding career prospects.

Bar Recruitment
At the Change Group we have a division that specialise in bar recruitment and will be able to help you guide your career in the right direction. We work with many of the best known bar and pub groups as well as smaller independent bars, and are appointed as their preferred bar recruitment agency. What this means is that we have access to many of the latest bar jobs and have also been responsible for placing a huge amount bar staff into their ideal roles.

Whether you are looking for a hospitality recruitment agency to help with your bar recruitment or you are interested in bartender jobs, bar manager jobs or general manager jobs, get in touch with us today as we will be able to help you with your next steps.




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