Chefs with Passion – Gastro Pub – Good Salary

You get in to the kitchen bright and early as a delivery arrives with the best produce from around the country, whole animals ready to be butchered, fresh fish to be filletted and seasonal vegetables. It is then about working against the clock with your Head chef and team to create dishes for lunch of around 40 and dinner of around 100. The food will be delicious, beautifully presented and enjoyed by some of London’s elite!

A day filled with Prep, two busy services, rota creating, stock taking, staff training and supplier communciations will end in time to enjoy a drink with your team before heading home to sleep before starting the excitement all over again.

This is a job for someone who wants quality food, comradery, passion and drive in a team.

The salary can stretch up to £34,000 a year and you will be working around 55 hours a week.

Contact: Harriet Brown
Reference: HBR 24/9/15-2
Job ID: 1233

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