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Hospitality Recruitment

We don’t need to tell you that London’s hospitality industry is booming; all you have to do is read the hospitality news or walk down the high street and new restaurants, bars and hotels seem to be popping up all over the capital. With so much growth in the industry comes a rise in hospitality jobs, making hospitality recruitment in London more important now than ever before.

Why is hospitality recruitment so important?

With a huge shortage of talent in the market, hospitality recruitment is becoming more and more difficult. In order for companies to secure top talent, they need to ensure they utilise the best form of hospitality recruitment to fill their requirements.

Using a Hospitality Recruitment Agency

For obvious reasons we would recommend using Change as your hospitality recruitment agency to fill all your back of house jobs and front of house jobs. Besides the fact that we’re a boutique hospitality agency that offers a very personal and unique service, there is a big risk to not using an agency during these prosperous times.

Hospitality recruitment agencies are able to offer access to a large talent pool of candidates, some of which will not be actively looking for a new job but may be open to new opportunities. By using a hospitality recruiter you will better your chances of finding the right person in the shortest possible time frame.

At Change we also take a great deal of time screening candidates, assessing their career goals and motivations and matching these to our clients’ organisations. Cultural fit is very important for staff retention and ensuring a happy workforce.

In-house Hospitality Recruitment

Although some organisations choose to handle their hospitality recruitment in-house, we are finding more and more that our clients use a combination of in-house recruitment and a trusted hospitality recruitment agency like Change. This enables them to attract talent directly but also keep the option open of sourcing talent through recruitment agencies specialising in hospitality. It’s important to remember that handling your hospitality recruitment internally can be costly and time consuming and in some cases, unnecessary unless you have large volumes of hiring to do.

Social Hospitality Recruitment

Many companies now use social media to assist with their hospitality recruitment. By sharing information about hospitality jobs on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, they are likely to receive a number of applications and referrals. However, the downside to this method is that you have no control over what level of applications you may receive. It could take days, if not weeks, to sort through all the applications and screen for the best candidates. People seldom factor in their time as a cost when thinking about hospitality recruitment. Again, using a hospitality recruitment agency in London could help you save time and money in the long run.

Sporadic Hospitality Recruitment

With so many small restaurant and bar establishments opening up in London, we see a large proportion recruiting sporadically. Perhaps they need a flurry of staff for the opening or look to hire one or two front of house or back of house staff members during the year. The difficulty faced by these sorts of businesses is that they don’t have internal resources to rely on when the need arises and they often don’t have the budgets to use expensive recruitment agencies. At Change Hospitality Recruitment, we make allowances for all types of businesses and try our best to fit our service to your hospitality recruitment requirements.

Whether you are looking to hire for one Chef job, for a whole brigade, or you are looking for trusted front of house staff, Change Hospitality Recruitment is able to help for both temporary and permanent hospitality jobs in London.