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Head Chef Jobs

London is at the heart of the foodie scene and offers any budding chef a great opportunity to pursue their dreams and progress their career. We are a specialist hospitality recruitment agency and have a division in our business that focuses specifically on chef recruitment. Although we do cover all types of chef placements one of core focuses is recruiting for head chef jobs and executive chef jobs in London.

Head chef jobs at restaurant

Perhaps you are a sous chef working in a restaurant and interested in a step up which allows you to manage your own kitchen and develop your own menus or perhaps you are just looking for your next head chef job? Either way, we have some fantastic head chef jobs available in restaurants across London ranging from Michelin Star and Rosette restaurants to the less formal casual dining eateries we all know and love.

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Head chef jobs at gastropubs

The London pub industry has really transformed in recent years with some even being awarded Michelin Stars. Many candidates that we speak to now opt for head chef vacancies at gastropubs as they offer a less formal environment to restaurants but still allow for a high standard of cooking and experimentation with seasonal ingredients. If you are interested in head chef jobs in gastropubs, our bars and pub team will be happy to discuss your requirements with you and point you in the direction of head chef vacancies that might suit you. We work with gastropubs all over The Capital and further outside of the UK and know that each one is unique and requires an equally unique chef.

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Head chef jobs at hotels

Head chef jobs at hotels can offer chef’s a more balanced work life as the hours are usually more standardised than in restaurants or gastropubs and they are also offered fantastic benefits such as flexible working hours, training and development courses and much more. If you are looking for head chef jobs that will offer you stability and a more structured way of working, head chef vacancies in hotels may be for you. Due to the nature of the hotel industries, there may also be head chef jobs available in the main hotel kitchen, within the hotel restaurants or even for private events that may take place in the hotels, the opportunities are endless. As we work with some of the finest hotels in London, there really isn’t anyone better to find you your next head chef position.

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Head chef jobs at catering and events companies

We work with a vast variety of events and catering companies in London, some that handle high profile events such a the Brit Awards and London Fashion week, others that do events for private companies or clients. Either way, we have a number of fantastic head chef jobs available in the events and catering space, all of which offer exciting opportunities to head chefs looking for a change.

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Executive chef jobs

Sourcing candidates for executive chef jobs is an extremely big responsibility, one that we don’t take lightly. We have many companies that entrust us to find them suitable candidates for their executive chef jobs and we always ensure that we get to know their businesses in and out before embarking on our search. Finding someone for an executive chef job requires a compatibility between chef and owner in every sense of the word, whether it be about the vision of the establishment, the style of cooking, the vibe they want to create or the way they will treat their staff. We have successfully recruited for many executive chef jobs in London and would be happy to speak to you about what you are looking for in the future.

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