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Customer Service Jobs in London

Having a strong customer service team at the forefront of an organisation is paramount to success, especially in today’s era, where complaints and negative statements are published on various different platforms by the click of a button. The Change Group work with several high end clients who are frequently looking for individuals to fill customer service roles.

To excel in these roles it is important that you are a confident communicator and have the ability to deal with people at all levels, building positive relationships and successfully dealing with any tense situations in a level headed and calm manner.

Customer Service Executive

As a customer service executive, you would have strong communication and listening skills, strengths in IT, organisation and problem solving. It is also important you exhibit confidence, professionalism and open mindedness in order to excel within this position. An CSE is a great way to meet a wide range of people, showcasing your friendliest attributes while benefiting the company you work for by being one of the first faces the customer sees.

Customer Service coordinator

A customer service coordinator role is very similar to a CSE position, however you would be acting more as a resource person, there to assist the CSE when needed. This role is responsible for organising, distributing and verifying the work of others in your team, as well as assisting in the training of new staff in a customer service assistant role. Much like all three roles, you would be dealing with customer requests/enquiries and assisting with complaints as much as possible before it needs to be passed onto higher management. Providing the highest level of customer service possible is the main aim of this role, striving to meet the expectations of both the customer and the company you are employed by.

Customer Service Assistant in London

Positivity and enthusiasm is an integral part of this role, greeting customers in a happy and welcoming manner and providing the best possible service you can. The customer is always right after all! Sometimes good service is as much about listening as it is talking, so remember to always adopt an open minded attitude, showing interest in the comments of the customer regardless of whether or not you agree.

All three positions are of huge importance to any company that interacts directly with their customers. Providing a good service upon first impression sets the tone for the customer and leaves a lasting impact on their overall view of the company.

If you are interested in any of the roles listed above then please get in touch with us at The Change Group so we can help place you with one of our many luxury support clients.