Body Worlds London

The Change Group is exclusively recruiting for BODY WORLDS London, an international business who have just launched their latest attraction in Piccadilly Circus. BODY WORLDS London is a renowned exhibition of real human bodies that has sparked curiosity and awe around the world with over 47 million visitors globally.

This organisation believes connecting contemporary learning and entertainment is essential for the success of today’s exhibitions and museums, and recognise the need for unique, personal and tangible experiences.

Your role as a GSA will be to deliver great customer service throughout the attraction and make the visitor’s experience a memorable one.

Responsibilities include:

  • Ticket sale processing and mailing
  • Handling reservations for future shows
  • Using the in-house ticketing system sales and data management
  • Ushering guests inside the venue
  • Looking after visitors and audiences
  • Delivering excellent customer service
  • Ensuring that the gallery is always welcoming and at its best

Find out more about the roles we are recruiting for at BODY WORLDS London and feel free to email or call on 020 7923 6032 to discuss these roles in more detail.

What do Body Works do?

The primary goal of the exhibition creators, Dr. Angelina Whalley and Dr. Gunther von Hagens, is preventive healthcare. Their BODY WORLDS London exhibitions were conceived to educate the public about the inner workings of the human body and to show the effects of healthy and unhealthy lifestyles. Targeted mainly at a lay audience, the exhibitions are aimed to inspire visitors to become aware of the fragility of their bodies and to recognise the anatomical individual beauty inside each of us.