Brighton Big Screen

If London is your one true love but you feel like things are getting a bit serious, it may be time to let her down lightly and take a break for the weekend. While the options of where are endless, the wisest, most sensible decision would be Brighton. Specifically, Brighton’s Big Screen. Any outdoor cinema is exciting, but an outdoor cinema by the beach offering spectacular food stalls is elevating it to wonderful new heights.

So what’s playing? The European Cup is receiving a huge amount of airtime, with every game scheduled in on the big screen. If you’re less about sport and more about dragging your significant other along to watch a classic romance flick, Romeo + Juliet, Pretty Woman and Dirty Dancing may be for you. If you’d rather hum the sweet tunes of Summer Lovin’ into the ear of the person next to you, or bust out to Dancing Queen, then find your inner star with Grease, Mamma Mia and Hairspray. Alternatively ditch all of that and watch Hansolo kick ass in Star Wars – The Force Awakens, Tom Hardy as a reckless babe in Mad Max or Chris Pratt defying the law of raptors in Jurassic World.

Suffice to say there is an option for everyone. Tickets are cheap starting from just £3, giving you more than enough left over to spoil your date (or yourself) with some tasty food. You’ve got Pizzaface, Bagelman or Aunt Bunny’s Hut. Alternatively, skip the mains and be greedy at the Greedy Goat shack. With a permanent stall in Borough Market, Greedy Goat will be making their debut at Brighton Big Screen for the first time, serving up flavour packed ice cream made with goats’ milk – meaning it’s lower in lactose for those with dairy issues… hooray! If you’re not sold yet (unlikely), Goatfather Salted Caramel will surely win you over.

With just over an hour train journey from London to Brighton, it’s a logical choice for a nice summer’s weekend during June or July. If you work in hospitality, hit pause on your chef jobs, bar jobs, or catering jobs and kick back, relax and let the salt breeze sweep through your hair as you indulge in a few scoops of delicious Greedy Goat ice cream. Happy days!