What makes good Front of House staff great?

So often Front of House jobs can be overlooked in terms of their importance, when in fact, they are one of the most vital roles. Take receptionist jobs as an example; this is the first interaction clients will have with your business so it’s imperative that it’s a good one.

5 things that make a good Front of House great:

  • The Greeting – being welcomed in a friendly, professional and happy manner will immediately set the tone for the rest of the client’s interaction with the business. You want the guest to feel at ease and attended too. There is nothing worse than arriving in a beautiful reception only to be greeted by someone who is unfriendly, snobby or standoffish.
  • The devils in the detail – make sure you get all the relevant information from the guest and ensure they have all the details they require. It’s important that they feel prepared. Things like who they will be meeting, where they will be going or how long they will have to wait are all great starting points.
  • Refreshments – offering the visitor a glass of water or refreshment as soon as they have sat down is a small gesture that goes a long way. This often helps to settle people. It also shows that they don’t need to rush.
  • Give them time – allowing a few minutes for them to enjoy their refreshment while completing paperwork or looking at the menu (if in a restaurant) is always a good idea. This ensures they go through everything needed thoroughly.
  • Communicate clearly – by explaining what will happen next, the person knows what’s expected of them and what to expect.

By investing in Front of House staff that can accomplish all of the above, you are already setting your organisation above the rest. A few other things to consider:

  • Dress code – make sure those in Front of House jobs or receptionist jobs know the appropriate dress code. This can vary depending on the organisation but they should always appear well groomed and presentable.
  • Telephone manner – being confident on the phone is an essential part of any Front of House job, particularly if you are running the switchboard or taking reservations and meeting requests. Make sure you find receptionist staff who are eloquent and polite.
  • Timekeeping – it’s important that all Front of House staff be punctual and good timekeepers as they will often manage meetings rooms, table bookings or other elements of your business that require punctuality.
  • Motivation – so often Front of House staff are able to help out with other areas of the business when they go through a quite patch in their day. By finding someone motivated and eager to learn, you may find that their first job with the organisation is just a stepping stone for the next. Don’t be scared to offer up additional work and responsibilities.

If you are interested in hiring Front of House staff or if you are a candidate looking for Front of House jobs, feel free to contact Change Recruitment Agency in London.