Spice Up Your Summer with Virgin Holidays

Summer has well and truly arrived and while June’s warm weather in London has been unarguably pleasant, we’re thinking it’s time to break away from Pimms in the park and travel somewhere adventurous. Yes, Europe is right on our doorstep and a quick flight to your favourite all-inclusive is tempting, but why not really take a leap and try something that will blow your city-slicking-socks right off.

Thankfully, Virgin offers incredible flight options straight out of London’s major airports to some of the coolest locations imaginable. Transport yourself back to the 50’s in Cuba, go to the birthplace of reggae in Jamaica, embrace your spiritual side with some yoga and endless spa treatments in Bali or develop a love affair for rum in Barbados. With all this chat about travel we’ve put together a cheeky wish list for you to indulge in with us… You might want to check how much annual leave you’ve got left because these deals are going to have you buying a ticket quicker than you can say uno mojito por favor.


Sure, a piña colada, margarita or even a cold glass of rosé would go down a treat at the best of times. But in Cuba, it’s all about the Havana Mojito, baby. A glass full of Caribbean cheerfulness while you tour an island gloriously stuck in time. Wander through the beautifully bright streets unfazed by the clouds of cigar smoke emanating from the Cuban locals, pausing to marvel at the ageless and forever cool 1950’s Chevy that races by. When night falls, indulge in some rumba and samba with the locals and let Cuba well and truly steal your heart.

Be cool in Cuba holiday deal


There are few things better than being horizontal on a white sandy beach with the sea lapping at your toes and a warm sun beaming down on your relaxed body. Fact. While many destinations may have this allure, they won’t have the charm of Barbados. Perfect palm trees scattering the beach and aqua blue water you’ve only ever seen in the movies. It really is as pretty as a picture and deserves every ounce of praise it receives.

Get bronzed in Barbados holiday deal


The birthplace of reggae and the homeland of the one and only, Bob Marley. Lose yourself in the land of cool. Once you step foot on this slice of paradise, you’ll want to walk and talk like the locals and eat jerk anything – spicy, smoky and downright delicious. Wash it all down with some rum punch while getting bronzed under the amazing Jamaican sun. Don’t worry, (you will) be happy…

Jamaican me happy in Jamaica holiday deal


Yes, it may be a little further, but Bali is one of the most magical and spiritual places on the planet. Whether you want to get in touch with your inner Zen in Ubud, drown yourself in fabulous cocktails by your private pool in Seminyak, dance with cheeky monkeys in the monkey palace, surf Uluwatu or indulge in every spa treatment on the unbelievably cheap menu in Legian, Bali’s got it all. The travel time may be a bore, though the destination is anything but.

Bail to Bali holiday deal







The Change Group’s Luxury Support team frequently work with Virgin, recruiting for talented people to fill receptionist vacancies and other types of luxury support jobs – so if you’re interested in employment after you’ve achieved an a-class tan get in touch with us on 02079236021. Alternately, if you want to be surrounded by holiday goers day-to-day then perhaps hotel general manager jobs or hotel receptionist jobs will be for you? We have several receptionist vacancies available so while you’re horizontal in paradise start searching for jobs online.


Happy holidaying!