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From your favourite Saturday brunch spot, to your go to cocktail bar, or perhaps your local Jamie’s Italian, it is sadly predicted that at least 20% of restaurants will close because of Brexit. Some restaurants are even having to change their menus from A La Carte to affordable to suit the economic client.  Therefore, it is more critical than ever for businesses in the hospitality industry to concentrate on their brand.

We caught up with the amazing Rinze from Today’s Brew, a photography and film collective, to talk about the importance of branding in the hospitality industry, what it’s like to work with some great Chef names and how their love of food goes way past eating it.

Today’s Brew have worked with some top Chefs from around the world, who they have help to build their own brand profile through photography and videography. One of the most recent Chefs they worked with was Australia’s Alex Haupt.

What was it like to work with Alex Haupt?

“It was great! We worked with Alex to help him build a personal profile to truly show his style which is very rock n roll. He previously worked for a Luxury Hotel, but we held the photoshoot in our studio as a Luxury Hotel isn’t a true expression of what he is about. It was fun to take him out of that context and to help illustrate a story that he wanted to tell. A lot of Chef’s we work with like to do a personal profile with us as we can help bring them out of their shell and capture what their personality within their food is.”

Today’s Brew specialise in creative content for restaurants and hotel brands where they love to work with food, interior and people.

What draws you to working with the hospitality industry?

“Well, we love food for one! But really, we like to work with food because it is something that can connect with people from all different societies, backgrounds, and cultures. For us food has a lot to do with memories, when you eat something it takes you back to a place you’ve been before or maybe it reminds you of a dish someone in your family used to cook. Food is very emotional, and our style is very much about capturing that emotion.”

“We also love the energy of the hospitality industry. Chefs are very passionate about their work, as are we, so we find it very exciting to work in an industry where we can capture this dedication and energy in a single frame.”

Rinze and David’s aim is to help their clients build strong brands based on a deep narrative to make their identity stand out.

 Why is branding important for the hospitality industry?

“People are becoming numb towards meaningless advertising which is why it is important that your brand is much more than just an image, it needs to have an emotional connection with consumers. In our work, we like to showcase where products come from as opposed to what a product is. We made a film for the Taiko Restaurant at The Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam depicting the craftsmanship and behind the scenes action of what they do as this is the narrative that gives meaning to their brand.

“In the hospitality industry the market is very competitive because there is so much on offer, so brands need to be authentic to be powerful – which is where can help!”

You can see Today’s Brew’s video for The Conservatorium Hotel here.

What exciting new plans are on the Today’s Brew radar?

“We are currently working on a new street food book project with Author Monica Abdoel, which we are very excited about. Together we are investigating the cross over between Food, Art & Music and where inspiration comes from. We enjoy being able to switch from working with luxury chefs to more on the ground chefs. For this new project we travelled to different corners of the world where we had interesting interviews with chefs, musicians and street artists. The interviews will be visible in text, photography and film. In accordance to the book project we produced a small documentary of some very well-known chefs such as Andre Chiang and Gaggan Anand who are involved in the project.”

You can find out more information about the project here.

If you’re looking for an agency to help develop your brand, whether it be for a restaurant, a hotel, a bar, a personal profile or a visual cityguide from countries all over the world, check out Today’s Brew.


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We also  did a takeover with all of Today’s Brews imagery on our website and Instagram so if you want to see some of David and Rinze’s amazing work check them out and of course head over to their Instagram too.