Job Hunting is hard!

A few top tips to help with finding the Right Next Job:

  • What do you want?

Thinking about what you want in your next job might seem obvious but sitting down and taking time to consider what it is you’re looking for will mean you can approach the process with a plan of what you’re aiming to find.

Think about your Five Year Plan – where do you want to get to, and what’s the best route for getting there? If you ultimately want to work in a 5* hotel, a job in a gastropub might not help you gain the right experience to open that door.

Think about your previous jobs and your best/worst experiences – what would you like to do again? If you could recreate one job you’ve had before you can find a place similar.

  • What do you NOT want?

Knowing what you want to avoid can be just as useful in job hunting as knowing what you do want. If you don’t want to work in a large kitchen brigade or a menu that doesn’t change very often, this will narrow down the restaurants you consider. Late finishes when you have to sit on a night bus for 2 hours for example can mean a job is unsustainable long-term. It’s best to think of these things in advance.

  • What is the top priority?

Sometimes the perfect job just isn’t on the market, but you want to get as close as possible so figure out what is your priority – learning from a top chef, your work-life balance, a salary to pay the mortgage. You need to decide where you can and can’t compromise.

Taking your time and research into the job market is key!

Working with a hospitality recruitment agency like The Change Group, you can talk to a Consultant who understands the market and the options available to you. Discussing kitchens in detail and researching menus, you can do a number of trials and get yourself options to decide between.

Gaining a thorough understanding of what the right job is for you, a consultant can fully represent you to the client – so that you are more than the experience written on your CV.

A Change Group consultant can help you discover jobs you might not have thought of, and help you get through the door of options you thought weren’t open to you. (Another great way of doing this is a stage – read our blog here)