Time to KtchUp

Not sure where to go for dinner with friends in London? We have the perfect app for you… KtchUp!

What is KtchUp?

KtchUp is a new app that solves the hassle born from trying to organise a group meal or choose a restaurant – a single central platform for eating out.

How to get setup?

Download the app (obviously) and then create a group chat with your friends to initiate a meal. You can then view restaurant recommendations or suggest your own to the group, swipe to vote on which restaurant to eat at, and book a table.

KtchUp suggests restaurants to the group, based on the area and price range set up by the event host. These restaurants are presented as “swiping cards” with multiple photos and hashtags, think Tinder for restaurants. Swipe left for no, swipe right for yes, in order to vote for restaurants you’d like to eat at… The fastest and simplest way to have your say!

The time, votes, and the final restaurant choice are always visible to the group. You don’t have to sift through hundreds of messages on What’s App to find out where you are eating, what time you are meeting and who is joining.

Need directions and a peek at the menu?

Tap on the restaurant’s card for all this information.

Want to make a table reservation?

Just tap on the booking link.

KtchUp collects a large amount of behavioural user data: dining frequency, geography, budget, “likes”, friends and their “likes”, restaurant choices and response to promotions.

Fancy using KtchUp to promote your restaurant or event?

Website: www.ktchup.com
Instagram: @ktchupapp
Facebook: @ktchupapp
Twitter: @ktchupapp
Email: idingwu@ktchup.com

Speaking of events…

If you haven’t already purchased your ticket for our Meat vs Fish event on the 6th September at Flat Iron Square, you can purchase tickets here.

Meat vs Fish

The Change Group in partnership with Action Against Hunger are hosting a bespoke fundraising event which will see ten restaurants compete against each other using responsibly-sourced ingredients. Five will showcase fish dishes and five will make meat their star ingredient.


The question is, will it be a surf or turf team that comes up on top? Get your tickets and come down to find out!