The BNC Event Show – 10th July 2019

We were thrilled to recently be part of The BNC – the UK’s leading networking association for corporate event managers. Change sponsored a seminar room and our Business and Commercial Manager, Charley Taylor-Smith, was part of a panel who shared their respective career journeys and advice on the industry. Alongside Charley, the panel consisted of Bernadette Palombo (Salone Events), Victoria Potter (Permira Advisers) and Glenn Mainwaring (Barbican). With honesty and confidence, they each told tales of how they rose to personal success, what pitfalls they faced along the way and what advice they would give to others who may be ready to make career moves.

The experienced panel of four each had differing backgrounds but similar ambitions. Bernadette broke away from a safe corporate role to start her own business; Charley left a venue to move into Events Recruitment; Victoria used to be a stock broker and made the switch to events 9 years ago and Glenn works for himself as a venue sales consultant. From the discussion that took place, we asked Charley what top tips she would give to anyone who was looking to make a career move and here’s what she had to say…

Make your CV stand out

  • Try to keep it short and punchy, recruiters/clients tend to scan CV’s, so ensure you put in bold your job titles and company names so it’s easy to read.
  • If you have been at a company for a while and progressed, ensure this is clearly shown on your CV.
  • Make sure your dates and spelling are correct and any gaps with no work have an explanation.

How to get into the industry

  • All experience is good experience. If you want to get into events, take up some extra weekend work for a company, maybe work a wedding or volunteer at a charity.
  • Networking and having a mentor are key. Contact someone on LinkedIn and ask if they can help/mentor you.
  • Attend events/conferences/shows like the BNC and ask if people have any roles you can apply for or any internships/admin jobs in order to gain experience.

The benefits of working with a recruiter

  • A recruiter will already have great relationships with their clients and therefore, if you have the skills and the personality to suit the client, a recruiter might be able to secure you an interview for a role that the client may not have previously considered you for (if you had sent your CV direct).
  • They can also give you advice and help you with your CV and career goals etc.
  • Quite frequently, a recruiter will have access to jobs that you (as a job seeker) often don’t have visibility to (yet) because through many years of partnership with clients, agencies/recruiters are often the first to hear about roles that are becoming available, before they formally get advertised.
  • You will receive feedback and/or will be assisted from intake interview to salary negotiation.


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