One Star House Party

One Star House Party is possibly the most unique pop-up experience to hit the London foodie scene. We have followed their journey right from the start and have eagerly awaited their arrival in London – and finally they are here!

What started as a restaurant pop-up concept quickly transformed into the ultimate gastronomic adventure. The One Star House Party team set out on a journey which is taking them to 20 countries across the globe as they create 20 unique restaurant concepts in 20 months.

With a team made up of chefs from some of the best restaurants in the world including Tom Aikens, NOMA and The Ledbury, One Star House Party use their culinary expertise to create a menu that highlights local ingredients, cooking techniques and experiences.

Eight months into their journey and eight countries under their belt including China, Vietnam, Thailand, Everest Base Camp, India, Oman, Kenya and South Africa, London is their ninth venture.

For four weeks only, One Star House Party will be serving up an eight-course tasting menu that features their favourite dish from every location they have visited so far.

Date: Thursday, 5 October 2017 to Friday, 3 November 2017

Venue: Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop, 1 Bard Road, London, W10 6TP

Cost: £75 pp for an 8-course menu

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After their stint in London, One Star House Party will be setting off on their next adventure in Buenos Aires and thereafter Santiago, Mexico City, New York, Vancouver, Hobart, Tokyo and Hong Kong thereafter. If you find yourself in any of these cities in the coming months, don’t forget to look them up!

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Places to celebrate Bonfire Night

Places to celebrate Bonfire Night

When the clocks change and the nights suddenly begin much earlier than you’d like, there’s only one thing that can really cheer you up and that’s Bonfire Night fireworks! Celebrated on the 5 November and falling on a Thursday this year, there’s no reason you can’t wrap up warmly and head down to one of London’s many fireworks displays.

Did you know?

Bonfire Night, also known as Guy Fawkes Night traditionally marks the anniversary of the end of the plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605.

Here’s a list of our favourite spots to watch the fireworks:

Hackney Firework Pyromusical
Battersea Park Fireworks
Victoria Park Fireworks
Wimbledon Park Fireworks

With the nights getting chillier, you may want to find somewhere to thaw your bones afterwards. Here are our recommendations:

Near Hackney

The Flask
The Richmond

Near Battersea

The Lighthouse

Near Wimbledon  

Fox and Grapes
Cannizaro House

Near Bethnal Green

The Morgan Arms
Peg & Patriot

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Let’s Get Smashed

No we’re not referring to the alcohol type of smashed but rather the tennis variation. You guessed it, it’s time for the annual Wimbledon Tennis Championship and as always we’re very excited.

Sadly not all of us have the luxury of taking two weeks off work to enjoy Wimbledon. At a push, we’ll wake up at the crack of dawn to queue for prime court tickets, but even then, that’s probably unlikely, especially for a true Londoner.

So how can enthusiasts make the most of London’s prestigious tennis fortnight? We have two recommendations.

  1. Avoid the crowds and arrive after 5pm. Not only will you most likely stroll right to the front of the queue, but you’ll also bag yourself a ticket for anything between £5 and £18 and you don’t even have to take a day’s leave. Many of the matches go on until 9:30pm, meaning you’ll have at least four hours of tennis viewing and the chance to soak up some of the atmosphere in the grounds.
  1. Replace Murray Mound with one of London’s Wimbledon screenings. There are a number of really cool screening pop-ups across the Capital. Find the one closest to you, take a packed lunch and pop a squat during your lunchbreak. Better yet, head there for some after work sundowners, the atmosphere is sure to be electric.

Where to watch:

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Wimbledon General Knowledge:

  1. How many kilograms of strawberries are eaten at Wimbledon eat year?
  2. How old was the youngest ever tennis player to partake at Wimbledon?
  3. In what year did the tennis balls used at Wimbledon change from white to green?
  4. How many people does Centre Court hold?
  5. In what year did men and women at Wimbledon start to earn equal pay?
  6. Who was the first person to be disqualified from Wimbledon?
  7. How many tennis balls are used during a Wimbledon tournament?


  1. 28,000kg
  2. Mita Klima from Austria who was only 13 years old (1907)
  3. 1986
  4. 15,000
  5. 2007
  6. Tim Henman in 1995 for smashing a ball into a ball girls face
  7. 54,250