New Bar & Restaurant Openings in February 2017

As always, we bring you the latest restaurant and bar openings in London, keeping you up to speed on what’s hot and happening. From flavours from the banks of the Caspian to restaurants paying homage to cafes in Tel Aviv, there’s no doubt there’s lots to choose from if you are a foodie looking for your next fix.

Six Storeys

Inspired by the Prohibition era, this English bar and restaurant offers what the name suggests, six storeys, each with its own bit of English flair. With the capacity for 300 guests, this is a great events space but equally good if you just fancy stopping by to see what it’s all about.


Inspired by the golden ages of the Ottoman Empire and the Persian Dynasties, Jan brings us some magnificent dishes, many of which have a Middle Eastern influence. We love that the menu is short, sweet and to the point. Choose from small plates, breads and sides and of course their charcoal menu – perfect for those who enjoy sharing.


What was an Indian pop-up in Brixton now becomes a more permanent fixture in Soho. Set over two floors, you can enjoy intimate dining with lots of unusual India inspired cuisine to choose from. And if your heart desires, nip into their bar for a cocktail that too highlights flavours of India with many of the cocktails including ingredients like coriander, turmeric, cardamom bitters and cashew milk (not all in one drink of course).


A family venture of two cousins brings us Plot and straight off the bat we have to say we love their local ethos. With a lot of restaurants talking about supporting British produce, these lot are actually doing it. Serving up seasonal British small plates in Tooting Bec, Plot is definitely worth a visit if you find yourself in South West London.

Maison Kayser

First things first, hats off for opening a bakery on Baker Street what a great coincidence! Maison Kayser now have over 100 bakeries across the world so there is no denying they know what they are doing. Whether you are looking to buy a quick loaf of bread or you’d like to take a seat in their 60 cover restaurant, make sure you get your buns down there.

Ralph’s Coffee & Bar

As the name suggests, Ralph Lauren has opened up a coffee shop and bar in Regent’s Street. With an equestrian theme that oozes with elegance, this is the perfect place to take a break during a tiring shopping spree!

Bunga Bunga

For anyone who has enjoyed an evening at the Battersea branch of Bunga Bunga, you will know that is it never without a lot of delicious food, cocktails and fun and we are sure that the Covent Garden opening will be no different. This is the perfect place if you are looking for a bit of live music with your meal and an atmosphere that will keep you dancing until the wee hours of the morning. Thanks to Bunga Bunga, chef jobs in London just got a little more musical!

Bala Baya

Offering up authentic Middle Eastern cuisine this new opening in Southwalk is designed to mirror the atmosphere of the bustlings cafes in Tel Aviv. Morning, afternoon or night, you’ll find Bala Baya open and ready to meet your cravings with a bakery for breakfast, a grab-and-go pita kiosk during lunchtime and a restaurant in the evenings.

The Modern Pantry’s Alpha Beta Bar

A fabulous addition to the Modern Pantry in Finsbury Square and a much needed watering hole in this area. Expect classy cocktails accompanied by tapas style dishes – perfect for an after work soirée.

Lao Café

Don’t be fooled into thinking that all Asian food tastes the same! Lao Café is the perfect example of how false this is. With a communal dining feel, Lao Café serves everything from grilled meats, stir-fry, curries, salads and hot pots – all with bold sauces and flavours.

Duck Duck Goose

This 24 cover restaurant is tucked away in Pop Brixton but what it lacks in size it makes up for in flavour! Duck Duck Goose is serving up Hong Kong-style Cantonese BBQ food, namely pork, duck and goose.

Bobby Fitzpatrick

If you’re in the mood for a bit of 70s nostalgia then you can’t go wrong with this one. Let Bobby Fitzpatrick take you back in time with their retro wallpaper, shaggy carpets and 70s house party feel while you enjoy a pizza and some rum-centric cocktails.


Ever wondered what it would be like to live in the 1940s and frequent an opium den in New York or Paris? Well wonder no more, sort of… Miusan offers pan-Asian cuisine in an opulent environment and hopes to help you escape from everyday reality. Sounds interesting to us!


A little piece of Paris comes to London and we couldn’t be happier. Ferdi has the feel of a traditional French bistro but with a palpable difference, perhaps it’s the quirky décor or the extraordinary food, we’re not quite sure but we know it’s not to be missed.


ETM brings us a pub with a 70s twist. Enjoy a pint and some live sport in this eclectic space. It certainly isn’t like any other pub we’ve seen before.

La Dame de Pic

With 3 Michelin Stars under her belt, Anne Sophie Pic brings us a French brasserie style restaurant in the Four Seasons Hotel at Ten Trinity Square. Everything about La Dame de Pic oozes elegance and we can’t wait to experience the results of hospitality recruitment at its finest.

Baluchi at The Lalit Hotel

And from one hotel to another, we take you to Baluchi at the Lalit Hotel. This Indian new opening has a few special surprises up its sleeve including a naanery (we didn’t realise such a thing existed) artisan bread is made using a tandoor which is then paired with wine.

Exmouth Market Grind

The Grind family expands by one bringing us an all-day café and cocktail bar. Whether you are looking for breakfast, brunch, small plates or a more traditional menu, Exmouth Market Grind has it all covered.

Sshhhh don’t tell anyone but…

Our beloved Naughty Piglets is opening their second venture – The other naughty piglets! Opening on Monday 13th February, you can get yourself 50% off the food. If you haven’t tried the food at Naughty Piglets, trust us, you are in for a huge treat! We presume booking is essential as with an offer like that, it’s sure to fill up fast!

If you would like a hospitality job at some of London’s finest new openings, get in touch with Change Hospitality recruitment agency on 02079236021 or submit your CV.

New Year Predictions for the Hospitality Industry

Although we don’t have a crystal ball to help us see what the year ahead has install for us, we like to think that our ties within the hospitality industry gives us some kind of insight. Here is what we think you can expect.



The UK has so far successfully weathered the Brexit blast and shown continued growth. We predict that this is likely to continue into 2017. There are likely to be many surprises as Britain enters the New Year, not only in terms of Brexit but also as the global economy adjusts with both a new direction in leadership from the US and other European countries anticipating potential fundamental changes in leadership.

From a recruitment perspective, we anticipate that the market will remain positive but difficult, with a shortage of talent in many key roles such as head chef jobs. While this would become much harder if there is to be a hard Brexit our prediction is that the government will steer a more moderate course, and that we will continue to see a strong influx of employees from the EU.

While 2017 will be governed by uncertainty, and there are many economic factors working against the hospitality sector, there are also several positive factors which will enable the industry overall to thrive.

New Bar & Restaurant Openings in December & January


Ember is opening on the lane where the Great Fire started 350 years ago. Ross McNally has designed the interiros to reflect this well known moment in history and has translated his inspiration into warm woods, coppers, charcoal metals and open candles. The food is Pan-Asian and is seriously playful, eg. Thai red curry of lamb pie… We’re not entirely sure but we’ll give it a go!

Recently Opened


Lockhouse are keeping it cool with craft food and craft food in Paddington, with classic/not so classic burgers and good old greasy nosh that won’t make you feel ill after eating it. An informal and chilled hang out that is a welcomed addition into the area.

Opening: December 14th

Nordic Bakery: 

Simplicity done exceptionally well in true Scandi style. Offering humble savoury Nordic bakery items and serving “them with an uncomplicated and honest attitude”. It’s no secret these guys do exactly that, with 3 other successful sites around London. This new addition to Neal Street will make their fourth. #hygge

Recently Opened

London Shell Co:

Mix it up with the London Shell Co and cruise around the Thames in style aboard the Prince Regent. Having just undergone a complete refurb after 30 years, so is looking as shmick as ever. They claim their drinks menu is as fresh and seasonal as their produce and we believe them. The perfect spot to take non-Londoners, and well Londoners alike.

Recently Opened

The Ned: 

Soho House and Co are partnering up with Sydell Group to bring the City of London a new, dazzling addition in the form of The Ned. This magnificent hotel will take residence in the former Midland Bank Building and see 252 bedrooms, a glorious rooftop with a swimming pool, a spa and most importantly, 9 amazing new restaurants. Boasting a range of cuisines including American, Japanese, Italian, Parisian and British. Secure yourself an exclusive membership and also have access to the exquisite lounge bar in the bank vault, complete with antique deposit boxes (hopefully still filled with diamonds).

Opening: January 2017

New restaurant and bar openings this winter

Temple and Sons by Jason Atherton:

Yet another home run to come for the hero of the hospitality industry with this new City site. It’ll sit right next to already renowned, City Social, and be a ‘relaxed grill restaurant’, also offering an all-day deli and cocktail bar.

Opened: November 21st


A pan-Asian hangout opening up next to Camden tube station. Immerse yourself in a temple focused solely on dining, drinking and decadence. Offering 50% off their soft launch, it’s definitely worthwhile signing up.

Opening: November

Duck, Duck, Goose:

A Cantonese canteen set to open at the beloved Pop Brixton. Affordable, tasty and traditional Cantonese cuisine set to knock your socks off. Not only is their name genius, apparently their prawn toast will “end all others”. Sold!

Opening: January 2017

Bonnie Gull Seafood:

Sometimes there’s few things better than a plate of fresh seafood and Bonnie Gull’s sure knows how to deliver. You will soon be able to reel in your favourite (sustainable) catch at their new Soho site opening up in December. While traditional fish ‘n’ chips rock, you’ll be able to treat yourself to a whole lot more than that.

Opening: December


A Washoku dining and sake cellar that’s just opened in Mayfair. Delivering unique and authentic Japanese food as well as a wide array of sake’s to be enjoyed both hot and cold. They are all about using seasonal and fresh produce to create beautiful dishes that stimulate all 5 senses. They also offer 22 varieties of Japanese whiskey, craft beers and well, everything else. Arigatou Sakagura!

Opened: November 15th

El Pastor:

Opening December is a much needed Mexican in the heart of Borough Market on Stoney Street. Dedicating a whole level to making fresh tortillas as well as a homemade, pastor marinade there’s no doubt it’ll be hit for locals and tourists alike.

Opening: December 12th

Tank and Paddle:

Do you sometimes just feel like carb loading until you can’t move? Or are you perhaps just on a strict diet of pizza and mac n cheese? Well this genius new Paddington resident is offering just that. Yep. Just pizza and a variety of mac n cheeses. If you’re bringing a health conscious date (yawn) there is also salads available, but don’t let that stop you from tearing into the nutella dough balls dowsed in a maple cinnamon sauce… Heart exploding yet?

Opening: November 28th


Interested in temporary chef jobs in London?

For those interested in temporary chef jobs during the winter months, please feel free to give Change Hospitality Recruitment agency a call on 02079236021 or apply for chef jobs online. We have a number of amazing temporary chef job opportunities available and are always looking to speak to chefs, whether you simply want to pick up a few shifts and earn some extra cash or you have chosen the temporary chef job path as your chosen career.


Som Saa has quickly become one of the crowning jewels of London’s oriental dining scene with regional Thai dishes incredibly fresh and packed full of flavour. One of our favourite dishes on the menu is the Deep Fried Seabass and while our attempt won’t come close to what you get at the East London site, we will give it a damn good go. Transport yourself to Thailand and create this delicious dish by Andy Oliver.

Nahm dtok pla thort – Andy Oliver at Som Saa

Deep fried seabass with an Isaan style salad

Serves 2 – 4 as part of a shared Thai meal


For the fish:

1 seabass about 500-600g in weight, gutted and scaled but fins and tail left on
3 tablespoons of light soy sauce
pinch of white sugar
plain oil to deep fry (preferably in a deep fryer, but a wok or high sided frying pan works too)

For the salad:

2 sticks of lemongrass, finely sliced
4-5 thai red shallots, thinly sliced
2 spring onions, washed and thinly sliced
a small handful of sawtooth coriander (also sometimes called Thai parsley), washed an thinly sliced
3-4 fresh or frozen kaffir lime leaves, cut into very fine strips
a small handfull each of picked mint and coriander leaves
2-3 dry chillies, fried briefly in a little oil until dark red an crisp
1 generous tablespoon of roasted rice powder (*see below for method)

For the dressing:

5 tablespoons of lime juice
4 tablespoons of fish sauce
1.5 teaspoon of caster sugar
3 tablespoons of water
1 tablespoon of roasted chilli powder (**see below for method)

* to make the roasted rice powder: dry toast raw sticky rice in a heavy pan over a low heat until golden brown in colour, allow to cool and then grind to a coarse powder in a pestle and mortar or clean spice / coffee grinder

** to make the roasted chilli powder: slowly dry roast hot dried chillies in a wok or frying over a medium-low heat until dark red and a little blacken in places (about 10-15 minutes) then grind into a coarse powder in a pestle and mortar or clean spice / coffee grinder

To assemble the dish:

Pre heat your deep fryer to 180 degrees C. Score the seabass with three to four angled cuts on each side. Then roll it in the light soy sauce and white sugar. Place the fish in the deep fry basket so it curls slightly (this is just for presentation) and then deep fry it for about 8-10 minutes, until the skin is crispy and the flesh gone a deep golden brown.

While the fish is frying place all the salad ingredients, except the roasted rice powder and fried chillies, in a mixing bowl.

Now make the dressing: mix together the lime juice and sugar until the sugar is all dissolved, now add the fish sauce, water and chilli powder. Taste and adjust: it should be hot, sour and slightly salty. Set aside.

Once the fish is cooked carefully remove from the fryer and allow to drain and cool slightly on kitchen paper for a minute

Now the fish on a large plate or wide bowl and pour 1/3 of the dressing over it, add the remainder of the dressing to the salad in the mixing bowl an serve the salad and all the dressing over the top of the crispy fish.

Garnish with the roasted rice powder and dried chillies.


Our mouths are watering and our stomachs grumbling – a winning dish any time of the year!

Would you dine solo?

Have you ever walked into a restaurant alone only to be given sad looks by those in Front of House jobs? It seems one day long ago society decided it was unacceptable to be caught dining on your own, and if you ever were, you were immediately classified as a spinster, widow or Nigel-no-mates.

Luckily for those who defy this ancient myth, it seems you’re not alone. Research from online restaurant reservations group Open Table suggests dining solo is massively on the rise. After surveying 2000 people, it turns out 87% would happily have a meal on their own and 42% would actually welcome some time to themselves.

The trend is definitely more popular among the older generation with over-55s being 22% more likely to make a reservation for one than those between the ages of 18 and 24 years old.

This may be news to some restaurateurs but not to all. In fact, we have seen a number of new restaurants opening up that cater for solo diners, more so than ever before.

5 great options for dining solo:

Change Hospitality, the luxury and hospitality recruitment agency handle front of house job placements, as well as back of house jobs in London. We can guarantee that our candidates won’t judge those dining alone as they’re all of the highest calibre! If you are looking to hire any of the following positions, get in touch with us today:

Front of House jobs

Back of House jobs

New Openings June 2015

If there’s one thing London offers us, its choice when it comes to eating out. Each month we see countless new restaurants and bars opening up and we thought you might like some help deciphering which are “must tries”.


LOBOS Meat & Tapas Bar
Who holds the Head Chef job: Roberto Castro
What to except: Lobos, the Spanish word for wolves, will leave you howling with delight from the prime cuts of Iberico pig on offer.
Vibe: A moody cave offering casual dining and fresh produce thanks to its proximity to Borough Market.

Camino Tapas Bankside
Who holds the Executive Chef job: Nacho Del Campo
What to expect: Authentic Spanish tapas washed down with equally Spanish craft beers, largers or a glass of cava.
Vibe: Casual bar style tapas with a south-facing terrace for the sunnier days.


Who holds the Head Chef job: JP Tanti
What to except: Any type of egg served any kind of way, and if eggs aren’t your thing, their experimental chicken wings are sure to tantalize your taste buds.
Vibe: Many a joke about what came first, the chicken or the egg.

British Fair

Balans Kensington High Street
What to except: Indulgence is the name of the game.
Vibe: Quirky décor (there’s a tree in the middle of the back dining room) with brasserie style British dishes.


Balls & Company
Who hold the Head Chef job: Bonny Porter
What to expect: Meatballs, meatballs and more meatballs!
Vibe: Sharing plates in Soho made from only the very best ingredients.


Who holds the Executive Chef job: Jordan Sclare
What to except: Exceptional seafood with a focus on sustainability.
Vibe: Seafood tanks and a menu full of coastal charm.


Egg Break
Who holds the Executive Chef job: we’re not entirely sure just yet
What to except: details are few and far between but we hear eggs and baps will be a main feature on the menu.
Vibe: We presume it’ll reflect a similar style to Hubbard & Bell and Chicken Shop in the Holborn Hoxton Hotel as Ennismore and Soho House have once again joined forces.


Café Murano
Who holds the Head Chef job: Richard Lloyd
What to except: An all Italian restaurant, food, wine and décor!
Vibe: Based in Covent Garden, this will be a popular spot for theatre-goers and tourists passing by, as well as, London foodies.

What makes a great restaurant? Some say the décor, the ambiance or the location but for us it’s all about those in hospitality jobs. With so much choice of places to eat out in London, finding the right people to fill your restaurant’s chef jobs could be the difference between being a good restaurant and being a great one.

If you are interested in speaking to Change about Hospitality Recruitment in London, please get in touch. We cover the following hospitality jobs in London:

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Let’s Get Smashed

No we’re not referring to the alcohol type of smashed but rather the tennis variation. You guessed it, it’s time for the annual Wimbledon Tennis Championship and as always we’re very excited.

Sadly not all of us have the luxury of taking two weeks off work to enjoy Wimbledon. At a push, we’ll wake up at the crack of dawn to queue for prime court tickets, but even then, that’s probably unlikely, especially for a true Londoner.

So how can enthusiasts make the most of London’s prestigious tennis fortnight? We have two recommendations.

  1. Avoid the crowds and arrive after 5pm. Not only will you most likely stroll right to the front of the queue, but you’ll also bag yourself a ticket for anything between £5 and £18 and you don’t even have to take a day’s leave. Many of the matches go on until 9:30pm, meaning you’ll have at least four hours of tennis viewing and the chance to soak up some of the atmosphere in the grounds.
  1. Replace Murray Mound with one of London’s Wimbledon screenings. There are a number of really cool screening pop-ups across the Capital. Find the one closest to you, take a packed lunch and pop a squat during your lunchbreak. Better yet, head there for some after work sundowners, the atmosphere is sure to be electric.

Where to watch:

Interested in temporary chef jobs at events like Wimbledon?

As we specialise in hospitality recruitment in London, we work with many clients who are looking for experienced candidates to fill their chef jobs roles.

Besides chef jobs, we also handle hospitality recruitment such as Chef de Rang jobs, receptionist jobs and front of house jobs for events like Wimbledon. 

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Wimbledon General Knowledge:

  1. How many kilograms of strawberries are eaten at Wimbledon eat year?
  2. How old was the youngest ever tennis player to partake at Wimbledon?
  3. In what year did the tennis balls used at Wimbledon change from white to green?
  4. How many people does Centre Court hold?
  5. In what year did men and women at Wimbledon start to earn equal pay?
  6. Who was the first person to be disqualified from Wimbledon?
  7. How many tennis balls are used during a Wimbledon tournament?


  1. 28,000kg
  2. Mita Klima from Austria who was only 13 years old (1907)
  3. 1986
  4. 15,000
  5. 2007
  6. Tim Henman in 1995 for smashing a ball into a ball girls face
  7. 54,250

April Restaurant & Bar Openings

As one of the foodie capitals of the world, it is no surprise that each month there are several amazing new restaurants and bars opening in London.

Check out April’s coolest and most recent openings:

With new openings, come lots of new jobs in hospitality. We are lucky enough to provide both Back of House Recruitment and Front of House Recruitment to many of the best Chefs in the capital, including sourcing talent for chef jobs at Michelin Star restaurants and Rosette restaurants, 5 Star Hotels, Gastro pubs, and independent restaurants, as well as, many events and catering companies.

If you are interested in working at one of these new establishments or any luxury hospitality company in London, get in touch with us, we’d love to meet you and find out more about your chef job requirements.

When we aren’t filling permanent chef jobs for London’s latest launches, you might find us helping out with temporary chef recruitment where the need arises.

If you’re looking to do some hospitality recruitment, either for temporary or permanent chef jobs, do get in touch. We are always happy to help and have some amazing candidates on our books.

One things for sure, chances are if you try out some of London’s latest openings, you’ll be eating food cooked by some of the amazing Chef’s we represent or you’ll be served by one of our professional and friendly waiters.

Different Chef Jobs

Ever wondered what different chef jobs actually entail? This cool infographic gives more detail about:

The Family Tree of the Kitchen

 Attribution to Chef Help for this graphic.

For more information about chef jobs in London, get in touch with Change Hospitality Recruitment Agency today to discuss your requirements. Whether you are looking for chef jobs in Michelin Star restaurants or something less formal like chef jobs in Gastro Pubs or Bars in London, we offer all chef recruitment services.