New Year Predictions for the Hospitality Industry

Although we don’t have a crystal ball to help us see what the year ahead has install for us, we like to think that our ties within the hospitality industry gives us some kind of insight. Here is what we think you can expect.



The UK has so far successfully weathered the Brexit blast and shown continued growth. We predict that this is likely to continue into 2017. There are likely to be many surprises as Britain enters the New Year, not only in terms of Brexit but also as the global economy adjusts with both a new direction in leadership from the US and other European countries anticipating potential fundamental changes in leadership.

From a recruitment perspective, we anticipate that the market will remain positive but difficult, with a shortage of talent in many key roles such as head chef jobs. While this would become much harder if there is to be a hard Brexit our prediction is that the government will steer a more moderate course, and that we will continue to see a strong influx of employees from the EU.

While 2017 will be governed by uncertainty, and there are many economic factors working against the hospitality sector, there are also several positive factors which will enable the industry overall to thrive.