New Year Predictions for the Hospitality Industry

Although we don’t have a crystal ball to help us see what the year ahead has install for us, we like to think that our ties within the hospitality industry gives us some kind of insight. Here is what we think you can expect.



The UK has so far successfully weathered the Brexit blast and shown continued growth. We predict that this is likely to continue into 2017. There are likely to be many surprises as Britain enters the New Year, not only in terms of Brexit but also as the global economy adjusts with both a new direction in leadership from the US and other European countries anticipating potential fundamental changes in leadership.

From a recruitment perspective, we anticipate that the market will remain positive but difficult, with a shortage of talent in many key roles such as head chef jobs. While this would become much harder if there is to be a hard Brexit our prediction is that the government will steer a more moderate course, and that we will continue to see a strong influx of employees from the EU.

While 2017 will be governed by uncertainty, and there are many economic factors working against the hospitality sector, there are also several positive factors which will enable the industry overall to thrive.

Hospitality Recruitment Tips for The New Year

We don’t need to tell you that there is a huge shortage of talent within the hospitality industry, pretty much every publication you open these days will have some shocking statistic that showcases this shortfall. A common trend within the hospitality recruitment industry is to leave hiring needs to later in the year just before things really pick up for the spring and summer months. However this can be a tricky business, as for obvious reasons, the demand for staff in general increases and good talent then becomes in short supply.

To get ahead of the hiring curve in 2017 and ensure you secure the best talent, we encourage clients to think about hiring earlier in the year. Yes, it may mean you have to pay an extra month or two of wages but it will also mean you have an established team in place by the time things really get busy. It will also ensure that you have more candidates to choose from and are able to hire the right fit for your business ahead of your competitors. Of course this mainly applies to senior hires such as Head Chef jobs or General Manager jobs, as it is this level of talent that is very difficult to come by.

Another tip we’d like to offer those looking to hire hospitality staff in 2017 is to create a recruitment framework and share this with your chosen hospitality recruitment agency. This enables us to line up relevant talent for the months you plan to secure staff and ensure you get “first choice”.

We’d like to wish everyone a huge amount of success in 2017, may it be a very busy and exciting year for you all and we very much look forward to working with many of you again soon.

Interested in hiring hospitality staff in 2017?

For more information about hospitality recruitment in London or abroad, feel free to give us a call on 0044 (0)207 923 6021 or email us on We will happily pop down to meet with you and your team and discuss your recruitment requirements for the New Year.

Fancy a private cooking class with top chefs?

Are you looking for a fun activity to do with your team? We’ve recently started working with Blue Marble Training, a flagship programme of charity, Shoreditch Trust,  that seeks to support and nurture people into fulfilling hospitality careers.

Despite the great work that they do for the local community, as well as, for the hospitality industry as a whole, Shoreditch Trust’s Waterhouse Restaurant in Hackney is home to Blue Marble Training and a great location for people to enjoy high-quality food with an ethical twist. Waterhouse has also recently launched a Cookery School which they run for large groups and corporate functions.

About Waterhouse cookery school:

Waterhouse Cookery School delivers team building cooking activities with a twist, groups come and cook in our professional kitchen and make dishes from around the world with a healthy spin, gaining knowledge and confidence from our expert team of chefs, Blue Marble Training (BMT) trainees and nutrition professionals. Once the cooking is done, the team can relax with a glass of wine and eat the delicious food they have created.

All surplus income from these events feeds directly into the BMT programme and the Food For Life Programme, enabling them to run community healthy eating cooking classes. The first event was really successful, running smoothly with lots of smiles and great food. Perfect for employee bonding, de-stressing and away days – Waterhouse will be expanding and promoting this further and are open for future bookings.

If you are interested in booking a cooking course at the beautiful Waterhouse Restaurant contact Katie on or 020 7033 8505.

Background on Waterhouse Restaurant:

Waterhouse Restaurant is one of Hackney’s hidden canal side gems offering visitors a unique dining experience, serving a deliciously tempting seasonal menu, in a peaceful setting.

Set up in 2008, Waterhouse is owned by Shoreditch Trust, a charity working to reduce social and economic disadvantage by supporting people to gain knowledge, skills and opportunities so that they can: access the services and support they need; gain confidence; participate in the workplace and in civil society; achieve greater independence and resilience and lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.

The restaurant hosts Shoreditch Trust’s Blue Marble Training Programme to support and nurture young people to develop fulfilling careers in food and hospitality.

From October 4th we’ll be open for Sunday Roasts served with all the trimmings, click here to see the full menu.