Social Media – No longer a nice to have

It’s strange to think that just over a decade ago, using social media as a tool for finding your next career move was unheard of and yet today it’s essential. Whether you’re looking for a chef job or a receptionist job in London, it really doesn’t matter, your presence on social media is really important.

For many of you, you’ll already have personal Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts (amongst other social channels) and although you can use all three to help during your job search, the main social channel you should be focusing on is LinkedIn. We cannot emphasise enough how important it is to have a LinkedIn profile. Before you think we are receiving some kind of under-the-table payment for saying this, we really aren’t!

In their own words…

If you aren’t one of the 3.8 million users, here’s 4 reasons why you should be:

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