How To Survive Working the Festive Period – Top Tips

Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year for everyone that works in hospitality. If you’re one of the ones working through the holiday this year, it’s worth checking out our tips on how to keep your festive spirits high (trust us – we like to think we know a thing or two about hospitality jobs).

Keep the sugar coming

Chances are you’re going to be run off your feet a little during Christmas. This means you need lots of energy to keep yourself going. One of our own Associates found that sugar was key in helping him through the festive season:

“When I worked in hospitality at the London Eye, Christmas was naturally one of the busiest times, everything ran seamlessly Front of House, but only thanks to a great strong team. Sugar and caffeine helped! Our Hospitality Co-ordinators were great at keeping us topped up with sugary treats!

Whilst we all want to keep an eye of the waistlines over Christmas, with the extra calories you will be burning off in the crazy festive season you shouldn’t be afraid of reaching for a handful of mince pies every now and then!

Treat yourself!

When you’re working in hospitality you need to keep the customers happy, especially when it is the season to be jolly. However, don’t forget it is your Christmas too! Make sure you treat yourself as a form of motivation! Whether it’s a Christmas coffee on the way to work, a cheeky cocktail afterwards or a hot bubble bath to ease your weary limbs.

Treat your colleagues

One thing is for sure, working through the Christmas period can turn a few of your colleagues into a scrooge. Don’t be that person!! To create a good atmosphere in the workplace, we advise walking in Santa’s footsteps and reward your team with some treats to keep the motivation high, whether it’s mince pies or Christmas hats, giving makes a happy workplace.

Creative a festive atmosphere

If you’re an employer why not bend the rules a little for those who are working hard this December? If you’re working in the office allow your employees to play games like office cricket and desk table tennis during breaks or you could even let everyone bring in their dogs dressed as reindeer’s to boost morale. Making the office environment fun helps reduce stress and as annoying as they are, Christmas tunes for the whole month does lift everyone’s spirits wherever you work!

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