The Change Group’s Scavenger Hunt & Quarterly Awards

The perfect Scavenger hunt for you and your colleagues…

Each quarter we throw an award ceremony to give credit where credit’s due. There’s a soundtrack for every award and a gleaming bottle of French champagne waiting for each in the winner’s circle. It wouldn’t be a Change party without a 10 minute video showcasing the fun from the previous quarter and not a sole is spared to the beat of David Bowie’s ch-ch-ch-changes (turn and face the strange).

We decided to spice it up by theming each team – think Indiana Jones, Pocahontas, Explorers and Rambo. So with each team decked out in appropriate headwear, everyone was ready to run the streets holding cryptic clues and a beverage-to-go.

Clue 1

Head on foot to the former home of Ronnie and Reggie where they were held at her Majesty’s pleasure, ensuring you don’t lose your head as Anne did. Take a picture of this famous gate where those who have flipped 180 should enter at their peril….

Answer: Tower of London and Traitor’s Gate

Clue 2

Head West now to take a Pepys of the old site of a promising Pastry Chef, who made a calamitous cock up for his King by burning his loaf! While this watering hole was not here in 1666 it would have come in rather handy if it’s name is anything to go by.

Answer: The Hydrant – metres from Pudding Lane where the Great Fire of London started

Clue 3

Head then to a place of refreshment, where you will have a Shucking good time and be likely to find many suits pottering around with a stellar view of the sharpest glass in the sky.

Answer: The Oyster Shed

Clue 4

Heading West along the river towards the poets Orb (not like the one in Tunbridge Wells) but in fact the one found next to bridge made even more famous by Mr Potter, where thou should head into the Baard’s courtyard

Answer: Shakespeare’s Globe 

Clue 5

Opposite my feline friends you will finally reconnect for a night of underground debauchery complimented by jubilant sounds of brass and the clink of oversized beer… Beer killer is what you’ll be and sounds much like where you’ll be – leave your lederhosens at home.

Answer: Katzenjammers bierkeller

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