Our Favourite Podcasts

With hundreds of thousands of podcasts free and downloadable at your own leisure, podcasts have been a popular phenomenon taking over the digital world. The perfect listen for your commute to work, The Change Team have listed their favourite shows and how they get them into the right headspace for entering a work day.

Happy Place

Sophie listens to Happy Place as ‘it’s a great way to hear from influential role models on how they deal with mental health and living a positive life’

Along with a successful television career, Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place has become a popular podcast among the subject of mental health and wellbeing. Fearne talks to incredible public figures, each about their lives, loves and loses as she divulges into what truly makes them happy. The podcast is an escapism and a way for anyone who is going through a difficult stage in their life to hear how others have handled them.

Table Manners

Emma listens to this podcast on her way to work as ‘it’s funny, interesting and light hearted!’

Jessie Ware’s podcast is all about food, family and discussions she has had from her very own dinner table. Along with her chef Mum Lennie, the two cook a meal for a guest each week while discussing anything from life growing up – to politics, with the likelihood of oversharing guaranteed! With the likes of Tom Kerridge popping by for a bite to eat and chit-chat, Jessie’s humorous personality makes you feel like you’re practically at the dinner table with them. The conversation always ends with Jessie asking the guest ‘what’s your worst table manner?’

Burnt Toast

Tam enjoys this podcast as the guest and interviews are fun and the podcast in general is very insightful!

In each episode of Burnt Toast, super knowledgeable host Michael Harlan Turkell explores different aspects of food culture and community, quite often comically reviewing on what we eat every day. Michael says ‘food intersects with our lives more than we think’ and his podcast stories gives subscribers a great opportunity to listen to perfect pieces of what he calls it ‘dinner-party fodder’.

Do it by Friday

The Show is ‘completely funny and irrelevant’ and why it is one of Aimee’s favourite podcasts!

The weekly ‘’challenge show’’ is hosted by comic trio Merlin Mann, Alex Cox and Max Temkin who together complete a amusingly genius podcast of assigning themselves different tasks each week, which they have to complete by Friday. With challenges such as ‘Eat Like the President for a week’ where they have to eat cheeseburgers, ice cream and all the junk food on a daily basis to ‘simply being nice to people for the entirety of the week, the show usually ends in utter hysterics of their experience and normally going very off topic. The Show is completely funny and irrelevant and why it is one of Aimee’s favourite podcasts!

The Kitchen is on Fire

Tom enjoys this podcast for the ‘humour and comedy aspect of the show’

This great foodie podcast hosted by food writer James Ramsden and musician Sam Herlihy is broadcasted straight from their kitchen table in Hackney. The two friends who recently opened up restaurant ‘Pidgin’ in East London give a hysterical and spontaneous series of conversation from discussing whether avocados are blood diamonds to very amusing life stories. With special guests and very entertaining games, Tom enjoys this podcast for the humour and comedy aspect of the show.

Desert Island Discs

Craig has recently tuned in and highly recommends the podcast for its ‘inspirational and interesting stories’

What would you take to a desert island? With over 3,000 guests who are referred to as Castaways’ having appeared on the show, Kirsty Young asks them to choose eight recordings, a book and a luxury that they would take with them. Whilst discussing their lives and reasons for choosing those items, the programme has become a popular commuting podcast with the interesting life stories from influential people such as Stephen Hawking and Stella McCartney.