Hospitality Recruitment Tips for The New Year

We don’t need to tell you that there is a huge shortage of talent within the hospitality industry, pretty much every publication you open these days will have some shocking statistic that showcases this shortfall. A common trend within the hospitality recruitment industry is to leave hiring needs to later in the year just before things really pick up for the spring and summer months. However this can be a tricky business, as for obvious reasons, the demand for staff in general increases and good talent then becomes in short supply.

To get ahead of the hiring curve in 2017 and ensure you secure the best talent, we encourage clients to think about hiring earlier in the year. Yes, it may mean you have to pay an extra month or two of wages but it will also mean you have an established team in place by the time things really get busy. It will also ensure that you have more candidates to choose from and are able to hire the right fit for your business ahead of your competitors. Of course this mainly applies to senior hires such as Head Chef jobs or General Manager jobs, as it is this level of talent that is very difficult to come by.

Another tip we’d like to offer those looking to hire hospitality staff in 2017 is to create a recruitment framework and share this with your chosen hospitality recruitment agency. This enables us to line up relevant talent for the months you plan to secure staff and ensure you get “first choice”.

We’d like to wish everyone a huge amount of success in 2017, may it be a very busy and exciting year for you all and we very much look forward to working with many of you again soon.

Interested in hiring hospitality staff in 2017?

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