How to Give Your CV a Boost for The New Year

There is something about a New Year that brings with it the desire to change jobs. Perhaps it’s because people want a fresh start or because part of their New Years resolutions is to finally find that job they have always dreamed of. For some it may be because their bonuses didn’t quite live up to what they had hoped or maybe because they simply want to find a role that offers more work/life balance. Whatever the reason, every single person looking for a new hospitality job in 2017 will need to take on the arduous task of updating their CV and even though we are recruiters and we look at CVs all day long, we know that writing a CV is by far the worst part of the job search process.
So in order to lessen the load, we’ve put our heads together to come up with 10 tips on how to write a great CV and stand out from the rest in 2017.

  1. Find and follow a format – if you have a template to work from you will find it much easier to know what to include and how to display the information.
  2. Include the basics – first and foremost we need to know who you are, what you do and how to get hold of you. Don’t forget to include your name, contact details, position you are seeking and visa status.
  3. Highlight your skills – give the reader a snapshot of your skill set at the top of the CV, a simple bullet point list showcasing your skills is perfect.
  4. Start at the end – include your most recent experience first and work backwards. We recommend including detail for your last 5 jobs and there after a simple job title, company name and date should suffice.
  5. Highlight your achievements – Don’t just write the duties of each position, if there is something that you achieved, above and beyond that of your job spec, make sure you include it! This will show the employer that you are goal driven, think outside the box and are a high achiever.
  6. Don’t waffle – include the relevant information but try summarise rather an including every single details.
  7. Show your personality – sometimes it’s the few small personal touches that can really make you stand out from other applicants, this could be something as simple as including a portfolio or including a link to your blog or Instagram feed (but only if they are professional in tone).
  8. Proof read – there is nothing worse than receiving a CV full of typos and spelling mistakes especially when the candidates describes themselves as having “great attention to detail”. Make sure you read your CV thoroughly and use spell check.
  9. Share it with a friend – it’s always a good idea to get someone else to take a look at your CV before sending it out. You never know, they may see something you didn’t.
  10. Make it public – there is no point having a great CV if you don’t upload it to job boards and send it onto recruiters.

We hope that for those of you looking for a new hospitality job in 2017, you find something amazing. If you would like some help achieving this, you know our hospitality recruitment agency are always here to help and will happily chat to you about any relevant positions that might suit you.

To speak to one of our hospitality recruitment team call 02079236021 or send us a copy of your updated CV to