Make the most of your recruitment agency

Any recruitment agency that only recruits for you and does nothing extra is behind the times in our opinion. It sounds cliché to say but if you are going to pay to use recruitment agencies in London, you may as well get your moneys worth! At Change, our aim is always to act as a recruitment arm to our clients’ businesses which is why we’ve put together a few suggestions on how you can better leverage your relationship with us or perhaps any other recruitment agency you currently work with.

1. Social Media

Most businesses now have some form of social media presence. Why not connect socially with your recruitment agency and encourage them to share information about your business through their social channels.

At Change we love sharing our client’s promotions, press releases and trying to promote their social channels to relevant followers. This is especially handy for restaurants or hotels that want to get the word out about an event or special offer.

Email us if you are interested in becoming more social!

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2. Email marketing

We send out a monthly newsletter to circa 14,000 people and have done a lot of work to make this as relevant and fun for our audience (you)! Lately we’ve had the privilege of featuring some of our fabulous hospitality and luxury support clients.

Check out our April newsletter.

Why this is beneficial to you? Well you get your brand name out to a large audience that you may not have been able to tap into elsewhere. It’s completely free advertising and as we only work with the best of the best in the hospitality and luxury industry, your brand is featured amongst some of the most well-known brands in the world.

Take a look at some of the clients in our network.

3. Partnership Opportunities

Sometimes you may not have the budget to host an event on your own or you may have a great idea but not know how to get the right contacts to the event. It is these types of partnership opportunities that are great to work with your recruitment agency on. This gives you both the chance of leverage the opportunity in a mutually beneficial way.

Please get in touch with us if you have a partnership idea you’d like us to help with.

4. Business Leads

Recruiters meet with people all day long so it’s not news to you that they have a fairly wide network, often in many different industries. If there is a specific nut you are trying to crack within your own business, why not ask your recruiter if they could make an introduction or better yet set up a meeting to help make it happen.

Many of our most loyal clients have come through leads passed on by other clients so we are always happy to reciprocate where we can.

5. Employment Branding

This is becoming more and more of a buzz phrase. What employment branding really stands for is how you portray yourself as an employer of choice. Obviously when we are recruiting for you, we always speak very highly of your organisation and will relay whatever information we have about your business to the candidate. But some organisations have a wealth of employment branding material like employee videos, images of their cool office space or even a breakdown of why it’s a great place to work. Don’t be shy to share this with us. It all helps to really sell your organisation to the candidate and could perhaps be the deciding factor that make a candidate choose you over another company.

At Change we offer our exclusive clients the ability to have a bespoke microsite that sits on our website. Here you can really promote yourself as employers of choice by including extra information that you wouldn’t be able to include in a simple job spec.

Please get in touch with us if you would like find out more about creating a bespoke microsite for your business.

Obviously our main aim is always find you the best people to fill your jobs but we hope in future you will view us as more of a business partner and perhaps get in touch to discuss some of the other ways we can work together.