Private chef role in Spain

Private chef role in Spain

An established caterer with its own private Wedding and Events venue in Ibiza is looking for a highly regarded chef who is well established to fulfil the role of head event chef for weddings, pre and post wedding functions and a range of events during the summer.

General duties of the role:

* General event duties
* Leading the kitchen and taking responsibility of all back of house duties

with the support of the catering team for all events

* Ensure that all items are prepared and presented within the expected time lines

* Manage communications with the assistant chef (if present) and front of house

* Helping set up the kitchen and clearing up of workstations

* Generalpre event duties

* Preparing a shopping list for each event per each menu
* Liaising with vendors to ensure expectations are fulfilled
* Purchasing raw materials from vendors in advance
* Pre-preparing any items that can be done in advance
* Keep records of all purchases and additional costs
* Escalating any menu related issues to management in advance

* Ongoing duties

* Tailor menus for events depending on customer preferences and seasonal

availability of products

* Establish metrics for cost per menu item for existing items and any further items added
* Assist with all financial controls for back of house
* Stock control management sheets from handwritten transcriptions

* Assistance in other departments will be expected if the hours are not fulfilled

Time commitments per Event:

* One full day for shopping

* One/Two full day for prepping plus the morning of the event o The actual day of the wedding finishing around 9 pm

o A minimum of 45 hours a week will be expected

What we can offer you:

Strong Event Pipeline: A total of 15 being spread in two blocks. The first 8, starting from 23 May to 23 June. Then a break until early August and 6 weddings from 4 August to 15 September. Including a tasting that will take place on 28-29 April.

Accommodation and flexibility: In the ideal scenario you would arrive for the first block, and come again in August for another 6 weeks. But hey is the chance to stay at the villa in between to holiday or find other work through contacts made to fill in the gap.

To be a successful candidate you must have:

* A real enthusiasm for leading the kitchen for weddings and events
* A good communicator
* Creative and not afraid to try and suggest new things

* Being adaptable
* Open to feedback
* Excellent organisational skills
* A calm and welcoming manner
* Previous experience of leading large events