Is 2019 the year for a new job?

The New Year is typically a time for fresh starts, new beginnings and goal setting. For those diligent enough to follow through with New Year’s resolutions, you may find yourself on the hunt for a new job. If you’re looking to switch jobs, you’re in luck, as January is a peak month for those looking to recruit. Here’s why you should start your job search now and what you can do to maximise your chances of being successful in the job market.


  • With recent findings reflecting that within the hospitality industry 65% of people plan to look for a career move in the new year, this means your future employer may be looking to recruit. With the busy festive period out the way and many people receiving their end-of-year bonuses, employers tend to expect an influx of resignations and therefore will begin the recruitment process to avoid being short staffed over busier periods.


  • Companies will have set their budgets for the year and money will most likely be put aside for future hires. Recruiters have a better idea of what they need and if they can afford to hire new talent. As November and December also tend to be slower than usual hiring months in Hospitality (because everyone’s so busy), this usually creates a demand for staff in January and February.


  • If you are looking to change jobs, first things first, it’s time to update that CV, before approaching your recruiter. Ensure your CV is simple, easy to read and focuses on your accomplishments. Update your job history and make sure your most recent job description is full of all your capabilities, as this is primarily where a recruiter will look to gather their first impressions of you.


  • While you may start off the new year feeling refreshed and positive about getting started on your job search, it can sometimes be tough to keep morale high. You may find yourself attending numerous interviews and meeting with several people before receiving any feedback. Remind yourself to keep momentum up as we know the right job is just around the corner.


  • Common interview mistakes include not having knowledge on the place you’d like to work, dressing down and having poor interview mannerisms. Ensure you are prepared by doing your research and analysing the job, if you have the job description consider what the company is looking for in a candidate, so you can cover those points in the interview.


If your new year’s resolution is to search for a new job, The Change group have an array of positions available which you can find on our website. If you would like to register, simply submit your CV online and one of the team will be in contact with you.


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