Hospitality Trends in 2018: what’s in store?

Guilt free chocolate? Hangover free cocktails? Sadly not. But you can expect more serious things like: an increase in nutritional awareness (thank you vegans), more people downloading Uber Eats and the need to start using more British produce facing the future of the hospitality industry. Check out our hospitality industry trends predicted for 2018:

Dining In Vs Dining Out

With foodie apps fine dining can be easily accessed with a swipe of your phone and enjoyed in the comfort of your own home!

The rise in fine dining delivery services means anyone can get excellent food from many top restaurants so, restaurants may need to up their game in creating an experience to encourage people away from their three course meal and Netflix.

We have a lot to thank the discerning Millennials for, not only did they bring the avocado centre stage in every brunch experience but they’re also leading the charge on sustainability issues and nutritional awareness. Thanks to their conscious consumption, gone are the days where you’ll enjoy a fry-up without thinking about whether the bacon is indeed British, the eggs are free range, and the toast is gluten free. Of all the current trends and issues in hospitality industry, this one is definitely up there with the most prominent.

Will they stay or will they go?

Post Brexit, most of the hospitality industry went into a flat panic as they visualised ships packed with EU migrants leaving the shores of the UK with the caption “Banished from Britain”. Now although it’s not as drastic as that, recent figures do show that net migration has in fact decreased since the Brexit vote and we were all justified in our worries. And unlike Brexit, the staff shortage in hospitality will remain and businesses will need to explore every avenue when trying to secure the best talent in the market.

Money Talks

The bad news is that rising inflation and issues over Brexit will mean higher costs for restaurants. They will need to look at keeping their ingredients British to reduce spending on imports. The good news is millennials love splashing the cash and are always up for spending money on food!

So, we think there will be a:

  • demand for ‘clean eating’ and ‘super foods’ as well as catering to a growing number of dietary requirements, particularly gluten and dairy intolerances
  • growth in vegetarian and vegan ‘haute cuisine’
  • increase in solo dining as more people stay single and feel more comfortable eating out alone
  • fine cuisine as street food, as chefs experiment with more relaxed and casual dining formats combined with top calibre cooking
  • growth in activity-driven and experience hospitality where performance, dance and games will add an extra dimension to the fine dining experience

Our Co- Founder Caig Allen had this to say:

“The challenges which hospitality companies have faced in 2017 are not going to go away any time soon, we’re already seeing the sector wanting to find ways to work around issues and bring a fresh perspective, especially in terms of the all-important question of recruiting the best talent.

“While economic factors such as inflation and business rates are already having a HUGE impact on hospitality companies in London, alongside significant impact from changing consumer habits. Smartphone empowered millennials now have a high disposable income and want something different from eating out. They love experiences and adventures.“

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