Hospitality Trends in 2016

There is a talent shortage within hospitality which has affected both front of house and back of house recruitment and has received a lot of media attention over the past year. Unfortunately this is likely to continue into 2016, particularly on the skilled chef front, although there are various initiatives being launched to try influence more people into hospitality careers and to promote the industry.

Another significant change to the hospitality industry in 2016 will be the imminent increase to the national living wage which according to Christie and Co is expected to be 3% higher than the average median salary across the restaurant sector.


As you know, the hospitality sector is a diverse beast, one that is constantly evolving and trying to meet the needs of its vast customer base. In 2016 it has been predicted by accountancy firm BDO that many large restaurant groups will turn to IPOs or set up subsidiary brands to further accelerate market share.

Due to the overwhelming success of restaurants such as Flat Iron, Burger and Lobster, Balls & Co and Reds True BBQ we expect concept restaurants to remain a key trend in 2016 as well as well-known restaurants chains forming partnerships with retail chains.

Wine bars come to the fore with patrons looking to learn more about wine, enjoy interesting pairings and find an alternative to London pubs and restaurants. With the UK wine industry growing with every year that passes, it is likely that English wine will also become increasingly popular and help to increase people’s interest in wine overall.

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The hotel sector experienced record highs in 2015, similar to those of 2006, with total transaction values reaching £8.1 billion according to Savills. There were also a number of significant acquisitions which we expect to be the case in 2016 too.

As a tourist capital of the world, London hotels constantly perform well but in 2016 we expect to see this growth extend to regional hotels too as the government make efforts to promote tourism within the whole of the UK.

Chef Recruitment remains a key focus for many hotels as their restaurant offering provides a key revenue stream and helps attract patrons that are not occupants of the hotel.

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Gastropubs and bars

Within gastropubs and bars we expect food offerings to take a strategic turn with more focus on health conscious menus and perhaps the inclusion of vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and intolerance elements being added to the menu. As in 2015, there will be a focus on seasonal ingredients and producing good quality food, whether that be through sharing boards, small plates, traditional dishes or food paring menus.

The craft beer trend is not likely to slow down in 2016 although we do expect consumers to become more price conscious when buying a premium beer. Of course there will always be a focus on good quality beers and we foresee consumers showing an increased interest in locally produced beers and ales and supporting smaller breweries.

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