Halloween Celebration Ideas

Halloweeeeeeeen. A time where you can embrace your biggest nightmares or turn dressing up as an animal into a promiscuous affair (cue Mean Girls: “I’m a mouse – duh”). But where should you go to flaunt your creative Amazon purchase? While we may not be in America, we still know how to party in this incredible city. So whether you’re into settling in for a classic scary flick after a day out with the kids or want to dance under clouds of fake cobwebs with a themed smoky cocktail in hand, we’ve got you covered… Halloween


End Game at The Haunted House

Go for an evening of full blown FUN at The Haunted House in Shoreditch. The ultimate goal of the evening is to kill the hired ‘cannibals’, with laser guns, solve some mysterious and creepy clues. The main goal is to get out of there within 60 minutes without having a HEART ATTACK in the dark, smoky haunted house filled with creepy people in masks. We bid you good luck and goodbye. https://www.facebook.com/EndGameLDN/


White Mischief Ball at Scala

If you’d rather a more opulent evening (while maintaining a Halloween-esque feel) Perhaps the White Mischief Ball is for you. Think party with a touch of theatrical vibes – roaming performers, mesmerising suspended circus performers, cabaret and a flea circus, with what we assume will have a sprinkle of scary. The theme is Hell Freezes Over, so think outside the box.



For a more fun take on Halloween, the Guilty Pleasures Halloween Ball promises to deliver a jumping dancefloor with your favourite old school beats of every genre. Fun, happy costumes substitute the blood and gore and everyone is there to literally dance the night away. Now you gotta cut loose, footloose. http://www.guiltypleasures.co.uk/tag/halloween


Ripley’s Wicked Halloween Week

If you want one for the kids that can have you all in bed by dusk, then Ripley’s Wicked Halloween Week might be for you. Ripley’s pay homage to the wonderfully successful, Wicked. The top characters will be there along with some of the best attractions including costumes and props. To top it all off face painters will be on site to kick your Halloween dress ups into gear. A day of innocent fun for all.

Junkyard Golf

There’s few things better than mini golf in a cool, converted warehouse filled with every whacky thriftshop item, makeshift obstacles and amazing streetfood. But the Junkyard Golf Club has found a way to elevate their level of cool and are hosting a Day of the Dead party this Saturday. There’ll be magicians (which may not scream Halloween but does scream fun), people hired to stand around corners and scare you, fire eaters and tarot card readers. Suffice to say this is going to be one hell of a party. Oh to be the bar staff on this evening.

It’s safe to say it’s a fun time of year to have a bar job or a waiter job, ogling at the freakier side of humanity from a distance.

Enjoy the freak show!