More tolerance for gluten intolerance

Gluten-free diets are a constantly emerging trend in the marketplace. Whether it’s the pretender or the legitimate, it’s important that this option is available to all. With dedicated supermarket sections and a plethora of packet gluten free alternatives (albeit not always as tasty), society has already started to conform to the idea that this trend isn’t going to slow down. While we all have that one friend that claims they’re “gluten intolerant” before being caught out face deep in a burger and pint, having awareness of genuine gluten intolerance is a hugely important factor facing the hospitality industry. In fact, according to Big Hospitality UK, people with coeliac disease are said to be worth an estimated £100 million to the industry.

We’re (pretty) sure there’s not a single person on the planet who’s not tempted by a cheeky choc chip cookie or bag of salty crisps. Though for some it’s not a matter of willpower but a necessary decision to avoid undesirable consequences. Unfortunately, a negative stigma is at times attached to the term ‘gluten-free’ as yet another diet fad, frustrating chefs and consumers who don’t have a sound understanding of what it actually means.

So let’s set the record straight, coeliac disease, is not an allergy, but an autoimmune diseases which prevents the absorption of nutrients when foods containing gluten are eaten, leading to various unpleasant symptoms. (Genuine) gluten intolerance on the other hand, shares similar symptoms to coeliac, however there is no damage to the gut.

So why are we telling you this? Because some of us have a sensitivity to gluten without even knowing it and it’s important to be aware of the fantastic options some of today’s restaurants provide for those with an intolerance, creating dishes that are just as indulgent and desirable as gluten rich foods.
Indigo, One Aldwych is one the first in the city to offer an entire gluten and dairy free menu. Someone who’s taken a different approach to his chef job, Dominic Teague, creates food that loses the gluten but doesn’t sacrifice on flavour or ingenuity. Teague has said his priority “was not to make it out as a fad. We didn’t want people to think I was doing this just to be different. I did this for real reasons and it fits into the hotel’s philosophy of health and wellbeing”. Well said Teague!

Ethos Restaurant offers a menu rich with gluten free options, with their primary focus on meat-free, tasty food. Founder, Jessica Kruger, is passionate about creating food that is for everyone, providing a wide array of dishes for those with special dietary requirements in a beautiful setting.

Detox Kitchen serves up a very healthy line up of foods all free from wheat, dairy and refined sugar. Offering our gluten free friends plenty of tasty options to choose from.

So for those in chef jobs, perhaps you should be thinking about getting your hands in the £100 million (gluten free) pie…


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