International Vegetarian Week with The Change Group

International Vegetarian Week

For the most part, no-one really celebrates a vegetarian, in fact, they are often seen as the bane of any chef’s existence as meat takes centre stage in most dishes. However it’s International Vegetarian Week and we are determined to shine a light on the 12% (thanks Mintel for the stat) of vegetarians who dwell amongst us. Meat eaters, feel free to leave us now!

At this point we feel it important to point out that many of those in chef jobs are actually putting a lot of emphasis on the vegetable elements of their dishes. We have even come across a few restaurants in London that focus specifically on vegetarian dishes…


Best vegetarian restaurants in London:


Vanilla Black

Terre à Terre


Gauthier Soho

Grain Store


In our humble opinion we don’t see the trend towards becoming a vegetarian increasing any time soon, particularly with other eating habits coming to the fore such as gluten free, dairy free and diets like the Paleo, people simply can’t do them all at one time (can they?). But we are definitely seeing the veggie being given much more respect both in professional kitchens and domestic ones alike.

Gone are the days where those in chef jobs in gastropubs would serve up boiled veg with your Sunday Roast, oh no! Nowadays it’s all about the pickled, preserved, smoked, spiralized, dehydrated or pureed. And we are seeing many of those in head chef jobs creating their own gardens on site or encouraging their teams to forage or use unconventional vegetables in their menu development.

Another key trend in the vegetarian market is the small plate. Although these little morsels are usually much more expensive at the end of the nights – because it does take a fair few to fill you up – they do offer vegetarians the chance to finally enjoy many different delicious tastes in one sitting (a luxury they are not accustomed to).

As the London foodie scene diversifies further, we expect vegetables to play an even bigger role in modern cooking, as many chefs are fast discovering that vegetables offer flexibility when creating dishes and don’t tie them down to a central protein element. They are also often a lot cheaper than meat and there is so much you can do with them.

So in closing we’d like to wish all the true vegetarians a happy International Vegetarian Week, and to the rest of you, try not to turn your nose up at the next sprout you see on a menu, you may be pleasantly surprised by how this humble veg is being transformed by London’s finest chefs.

Side note:

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