Best Restaurants in Hong Kong

One thing we absolutely love about the Hong Kong foodie scene is the way it continually surprises and inspires us to push boundaries, not only by challenging what we eat but also how we combine cuisines and flavours from different parts of the world.

If you’re thinking of visiting Hong Kong, this list should provide you with a great place to start when booking some exceptional meals. It’s by no means exhaustive but we had to start somewhere!

Best Restaurants in Hong Kong


If you’re looking for a restaurant that oozes sophistication, Duddell’s is the place for you. This arty establishment offers a stylish yet relaxed setting for any occasion. In their own words “It is a place where people come together to meet, eat, drink, entertain and relax in an environment that connects art and people in a fresh, new way – allowing art masters and novices alike to embrace and develop the new cultural context adopted by the city”.

The Fat Pig

Brainchild of the famous Tom Aiken, The Fat Pig does exactly what its name suggests and offers only pork based dishes with an emphasis on nose to tail cooking. The menu offers something for everyone from burgers and hot dogs to small and big plates to pastas, rice dishes, noodles and the much-loved all-day brunch.  If you want to ease yourself into nose-to-tail cooking, we think this is the perfect place to give a pig’s ear a try!

22 Ships

If you’ve eaten at any of Jason Atherton’s London based restaurants, you’ll know 22 Ships is not to be missed – a tapas style restaurant that gets its name from its address, 22 Ship Street in the quaint neighbourhood of Wan Chai. The menu consists of reasonably prices sharing plates ranging from egg dishes like crisp duck egg, grains and confit leg to seafood dishes such as crisp squid, ink mayonnaise and lime. We particularly love the sound of the middle white pork and foie gras burger served with avocado and pickle cucumber… yum!


If you’re looking for a restaurant with a view, it doesn’t get much better than this! Set across the 29th and 30th floor of the Peking Building, Aqua offers an unrivalled view of the Hong Kong cityscape – and the food’s pretty spectacular too! Perfect for pre dinner cocktails or a special occasion, Aqua offers an Italian inspired menu packed with firm favourites and some contemporary twists.


Yardbird is a chicken inspired modern izakaya that specialises in yakitori dishes (see Hong Kong foodie translations if this made no sense to you). This family-style, neighbourhood restaurant created by Chef Matt Abergel, focuses on neck to tail cooking with all dishes being grilled over traditional Japanese Binchotan charcoal. With a focus on fresh seasonal ingredients and chicken (of course), you’ll want to order everything off this very diverse and exciting menu and will leave with a new-found respect for the humble chicken.


If we say Mexican food we bet you wouldn’t automatically think of Hong Kong – but you should! Chino is a modern Mexican restaurant that uses Japanese ingredients and cooking techniques to serve up what can only be described as little plates of multicultural heaven. It took us a while to wrap our heads around the concept but once you taste dishes like their Ox Tongue, Pickled Jalapeños and Arbol Taco or their Scallop and Uni Tostadas, you’ll fully appreciate why this concept works so well.

Ho lee fook 

Before we say anything about this funky Chinese restaurant can we just take a moment to appreciate the brilliant name – it can’t not put a smile on your face. Ho lee fook (we’re smiling again) is Taiwanese-born chef Jowett Yu’s take on an old school Hong Kong cha chaan teng (again revert to the much needed Hong Kong foodie translation sheet if this means nothing to you). The menu is made up of snacks, raw dishes, vegetable dishes, roast meats, rice and noodles and what they call, not small dishes. We recommend you arrive at Ho lee fook with an open mind and a raging appetite as you are likely to need both.


A restaurant with an agenda, Sohofarma look to raise awareness for healthier living by serving food that is organic and free of all chemicals and is made from locally grown ingredients which support the community. Using urban farming to guide his menu, Chef Shing serves up dishes that represent Chinese childhood favourites while celebrating the multiculturalism of the modern Hong Kong society.


Pirata is an authentic Italian restaurant in Wan Chai.  Their food philosophy is all about cooking for their guests as they’d cook for their families, with fresh ingredients and simple recipes. Chef Stefano Rossi entices guests with an array of Italian specialities, most noteworthy for us are the purple potato gnocchi with gorgonzola cream and toasted walnuts and the roasted suckling pig with scented apple sauce.


If you want to experience a modern izakaya and enjoy some of the finest sake, TokyoLima is the perfect place. Chef Arturo marries Peruvian and Japanese flavours by serving up Nikkei style cuisine that showcases the best of both cultures. Expect to find small plates, larger meat and fish dishes, as well as, ceviche, tiraditos, sushi and anticuchos on this varied menu – perfect for those who love sharing!


Having recently earned its first Michelin Star, Chef Vicky Cheng wows with his French inspired Chinese dishes. If you are looking for food theatre, it doesn’t get much better than this. Vea restaurant is set across three counter style tables which allow diners the opportunity to witness the chefs at work. They also have sommeliers to hand to help guide your wine pairing choices throughout the meal. This one’s a real treat.


Inspired by the East London neighbourhood, Shoreditch is an urban eatery in Kennedy Town that offers delicious British inspired food at affordable prices. They have also put a lot of time and effort into their drinks offering with a beer and wine list that showcases the best of Britain.

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