Best Places to Eat Sausages in London on National Sausage Week

Happy National Sausage Week!

It’s going to be a sausage fest this week! Whether you like a tiny chipolata or a lengthier Frankfurter, we’re not here to judge! Instead we’ll be celebrating every variety of sausage you can imagine during National Sausage Week, from the humble Cumberland to the spicy chorizo; as well as the experienced people in chef jobs in London who are frying them up for us.

We’ve compiled a list of our favourite sausage spots in the Capital.

For bangers and mash

Mother Mash – these experts in bangers and mash give you the opportunity to create your perfect combination. Choose your mash, sausage type and gravy flavour and voila!

For breakfast sausages

Hawksmoor – choose from a variety of breakfasts that all include sausages made from pork, beef and mutton. The ‘For 2 to share’ is a mammoth serving of everything a fry up could possibly contain, and on the slightly smaller side (but still huge in our book) is the Full English which does what it says on the tin. And last but not least, you can grab yourself a ‘Sausage & egg HkMuffin’ or a ‘Sausage sandwich French dip’ which both sound equally delicious.

For sausage rolls

The County Arms – for those who enjoy an eating challenge, why not tackle the two foot sausage roll at this Wandsworth haunt. Finish it in just 5 minutes and it’s free!

For boerewors

Roxie’s – if you haven’t tried the South African sausage boerewors, you really should. Roxie’s serves it up as a starter, main or in combos.

For charcuterie

Bar BouludBased in the opulent Mandarin Oriental Hotel, you’ll be completely bowled over by the charcuterie choices.

For Hotdogs

Bubbledogs – what’s not to love about a restaurant that serves gourmet hotdogs paired with  champagne. Enough said!

Top Dog – although there are loads of hotdogs to choose from, sometimes you just want a good old Plain Jane. We talking bun, beef, pork or organic tofu sausage smothered with tom sauce and mustard… Mmmmm

Dirty Bones – we like the sound of the Dirty Dog (Dirty Bones BBQ pulled pork, crispy bacon, jalapeno cheese sauce, crispy shallots), after all, if you are going to eat a hot dog, it may as well be the most unhealthy delectable one you can get your hands on.

For Frankfurters

Herman Ze German – bringing traditional wurst to the UK since 2008, we recommend you try the Bockwurst, described as “smoked pork sausage that tastes like the best Frankfurter you’ve ever eaten” this is one not to be missed.

We are always looking to speak to people interested in chef jobs in London. Whether you are looking for a breakfast chef job at a high-end restaurant or would like to find a chef job that allows you the opportunity to make everything from scratch (including the sausages), we have some fantastic chef jobs we are currently recruiting for, so get in touch today.