40 Tips to Improve Your Work Life

Whether you are religious or not Lent leaves many of us trying to give up eating chocolate and drinking wine and in the end, we all inevitably fail. Instead of ditching all the things you love for 40 days, why not try new things to make your work life better? As a hospitality recruitment agency, we know a fair bit about work life and have made a tip list for you. You may not lose inches off your waist line, but you could end up happier in your career!

Check out our 40 work tips that can benefit you whether you work in an office, kitchen or bar:

  1. Get off the bus a stop earlier as this will release more endorphins, so you will feel happier and raring to go when you arrive at work
  2. If you work in a kitchen or office keep motivational messages/ posters around the room to keep you and your colleagues inspired throughout the day
  3. Go to a trampoline exercise class or BallieBallerson after work to let off some steam if it’s been a stressful day and to feel like a big kid!
  4. Listen to podcasts on your lunch break to help your mind take a quick break
  5. Set your alarm 10 minutes early so you have a relaxed start to the day and you aren’t rushing – There are apps you can download that wake you at your optimum time
  6. Take vitamins and get a flu jab so you don’t get a cold in this winter weather
  7. Buy ingredients at the beginning of the week so you can cook in the office – it’s healthier and cheaper
  8. If you are feeling stressed because you have lots of work, give up your lunch break to try get through more work
  9. Clean your workspace – working in a nice clean and organised environment can make a big difference to your work feng shui
  10. Buy yourself a happy lamp
  11. Clear out your inbox by sorting your emails into folders
  12. Create to-do lists so you feel a sense of achievement when you finish a task, nothing beats crossing off everything on your list!
  13. Only look at your phone when you are on a break – it can be very distracting having it on your desk
  14. Find a project or task at work that doesn’t relate to your day-to-day job and offer to work on it or help. Giving back or helping others can be really rewarding and you may learn something new!
  15. Drink lots of water throughout the day, if you keep a jug or bottle on your desk it’ll remind you to stay hydrated
  16. Smile at people and ooze positivity – it’s infectious and will make you feel good too!
  17. Don’t leave work until you have prepped for the following day, you’ll feel more relaxed at home knowing you’re organised at work
  18. Play music as it cheers everyone up and creates a more fun and relaxed environment. It may be worth creating a playlist to cater for everyone’s music tastes
  19. Iron all your clothes on a Sunday so you have outfits sorted for the week and can get ready quicker in the morning. You may have extra time for a quick cup of tea!
  20. Listen to nostalgic songs before work as this will help to start your day off on the right foot
  21. Treat yourself once a week to a nice lunch away from your desk
  22. Try and print less as it’s better for the environment and will save your company money
  23. Set up your work station properly, make sure your chair is at a good height and your screen is in the right place. If you’re comfortable you’ll be able to concentrate more.
  24. Bring in cupcakes for your colleagues as this is bound to put a smile on everyone’s face!
  25. Join the gym! Going before work can make you feel fresh and ready for the day. Alternatively going after work will help reduce stress! (A bonus is you can feel less guilt about indulging on biscuits all day)
  26. Cycle to work – it is probably quicker than public transport!
  27. Make time for your colleagues outside of work, it’ll help strengthen your relationships in the work environment
  28. If you are a chef, ask to create a special; creativity is good for your mind!
  29. Sign up to take a course, i.e. an NVQ/Bread Course/Wine Course
  30. Learn a new word in a team mate’s language
  31. Teach someone something new, whether it’s a fact about food or a little trick in the kitchen
  32. Make a round of tea or coffee occasionally
  33. Read an article around your expertise every week to keep up to date with what is going on in the industry
  34. Compliment a colleague, you never know they may be going through a rough time
  35. If you work in an office why not ask for a bring your dog to work today to boost office morale
  36. Treat yourself – whether that’s to a glass of wine, a new top, either way you’re working hard so you deserve it!
  37. Book a holiday in advance so you have something to look forward and so you don’t lose out if someone else is planning a trip away too
  38. Create a Pinterest board as a great way of keeping track of your career goals. Or you can use it as a means of looking at things that make you smile…like food
  39. Think about saving money each month from your pay check. You may think you need new shoes right now but the money you save may be more useful later in life
  40. Appreciate what you have everyday, even if it’s something small like the free water from the water cooler!

Let us know how you get on! If you have any more to add to the list, tweet us @changehsp

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